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Apparently. Sad stuff, man.

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What can Scott do?

Plenty. But for your sake (and the sake of my fingertips ;), I'll give you the "Cliff Notes" version:

  1. Scott Free's New God physiology: He's bulletproof, Class 45-50, wears indestructible chainmail mesh beneath his costume that has laughed off blasts from energy manipulators as strong as Mantis, he's capable of supersonic running speed as well as reaction time. And he's also a martial artist.
  2. Scott Free's God Power: As the Fourth World God of Freedom/Escaping, he CAN NOT be restrained by any barrier or trap. So much for spider webbing...
  3. As the possessor of the Anti-Life Equation, Scott has the ability (when he chooses to use it) to exercise complete control over sentient thought, power over the soul(s) of its target(s)/supernatural energy, the ability to warp the space/time continuum, and total control over both matter and anti-matter on a universal scale. These powers are even further amplified through the anger of the user and the ambient anger and/or despair of beings on a planetary scale at its lowest levels. I would stop right here, but built into his costume is also:
  4. A Mother Box. An ultra-supercomputer connected directly to the Source that gives it's user the ability to warp time and space [most often (but not limited to) the creation of Boom Tubes) the ability to heal injuries, the ability to manipulate tremendous amounts of energy and matter, etc, etc...

Spider-Man gets WTFstomped into nothingness here. I'm tempted to call the mods...

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He can track energy and use all of its forms.

I'm not even going to vote in here because threads like this one often have a tendency to go awry sooner than later. But I will correct something so the rest of you can continue:

The Astro-Force can not be manipulated by any other user except Orion. As his birthright, he alone in the DCU Multiverse possesses the unique qualifiers that permit the Source to empower him thusly. And while Orion has allowed other people to use his Astro-Glider (for example) on rare occasion, the deputized person still had only a few minutes to use it (to fly, shoot conventional energy blasts, make tractor beams, force fields, etc..) before they would be driven completely mad or be consumed by the Source forever for their trouble. And the Harness is simply a conduit of the Astro-Force, not the Force itself. So while Thanos might be able to sense an incoming energy blast or what have you launched by Orion, he would not be able to drain him without putting himself in grave peril in the process.

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Morals off, Mister Miracle uses the Anti-Life Equation to erase both sides of Peter Parker's family going back to the Stone Ages, eliminating the need for this h2h confrontation altogether.

This is an ASTRONOMICAL mismatch (and that's being generous)!

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Sorry pretty girl, but if this is a no holds barred battle (excluding Superman & WW of course) there's nothing in either of their expansive powersets that would protect them from having their necks broken via telekinesis from Martian Manhunter in Round 2. From across town.

Love your avatar pic though...

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The artist is Tradd Moore, he is also drawing the new ghost rider series .

Ah. Tradd's got one crazy assed imagination coming up with this dude. It's outta control, mon ami!

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Who draws this Strode guy? It's unreal the sh*t this guy's doing!

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@matchesmalone21: @comic_book_fan

That is an awfully shiny helmet Magneto is wearing. I wonder if the guy he's up against could do something with that information....?

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Fam, Alfred was British Special Forces. How could he not win here? MJ is just here to be a ring girl, to be perfectly honest.

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And didn't Larfleeze seem week in his Debut in the Green Lantan TAS?

Yeah. But everybody got a little (up to a lot) nerfed on that show. TV Exec's convince themselves that this maneuver is called "Compelling Television", where the heroes aren't so freakishly strong that the villains (and the pitfalls they prepare for said heroes) are a believable threat.

*Sigh* But what can you do?