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Good match up. I'm tempted to say that Mirror Master solos, but Mjolnir is pesky on that front. Still, Dr. Light would pose at least as great to the Odinson as someone like Magneto would over in his own universe.

And a battle between Circe and Scarlet Witch would be very interesting...

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Thor can BFR Plastic Man by punching him to space. You're so much lowballing Thor that it's not even funny. Thor can one shot everybody here, that's why I put 6 of them to fight him.

Thor is indeed formidable, and his axe sounds quite impressive. That said, he won't be one-shotting Steel. He might prevail against him eventually, but not even Doomsday is able to one-shot him due to a combination of his force fields, the overall durability of his armor itself, and the fact that his armor is just littered with Kinetic Dampeners (although for the sake of full disclosure, the armor contains far less Dampeners than his trademark Kinetic Hammer).

Like I said, he may eventually prevail, but there is no way that Thor one-shots Dr. Irons. Especially not with all of the back up he's got here...

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@lvenger: 20,000 posts! Wow man, I can't wait to join ya! Congratulations!

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This great comic retconned World history by saying Hitler twins who call themselves DNA Dicktators have been alive from hundred of years & WW2 never officially ended. Its the Superman who dressed as bulked out santa claus is responsible for ending WW2. It doesn't get anymore epic then this

Wow. Just wow. I'm afraid to pick this one up and read it....

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I never understood how DC allowed this abomination to even get published. Bearded Idiot, 50 foot gun, Hitler twins who call themselves Dicktators , army of Batman clones, 12 year olds biker gang, Superman ending World War 2, Superman committing suicide for no reason. And top of all that, this comic ends with an anti-gun message after Superman killed Hitler twins with the world's biggest gun. 90s were really a dark time for comic books & especially for Superman.

Whoa, whoa, whoa! When (or rather what) story did all this crazy sh*t happen?!?

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With....magic. He has sleep spells.

...... Perhaps I asked the wrong question. The New Gods (and their weapons) are empowered by the Source itself. This gives them the unique distinction among the comic book pantheons of being not just magical, but cosmic as well (since the Source is the literal nexus where cosmic energy and magic intersect within the DC Universe). With that said, I don't see Loki pulling off the sleep spell method with Her in the mix, considering just how familiar She is with mystical energy. Not to mention the fact that Scott can run and react at low supersonic speeds on foot. Much, much faster on his Aero-Discs.

Loki better watch himself or he might get beheaded in a single, purpose-minded blow to the throat. At 750 mph. Or faster...

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Loki puts him to sleep.

How so? With Mother Box providing a telepathic firewall for him (among many, many other things She's capable of), how does the trickster pull that off?

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I'd agree with that in-depth analysis, but I'd still be inclined to go 5/10, 50-50 between the two of them, on account of Mr. Miracle despising violence and being inclined towards pacifism, and Loki being a homicidal psychopath who's prepared to murder anyone on a whim.

Fair enough. It does stand to reason though that Mother Box would serve to frustrate/nullify all of Loki's mystical attempts on both Scott's form and life. Meaning that if Loki fired some crazy beam of mystical energy at him he could very likely dodge it, or Mother Box could convert it into something harmless or open up a pocket dimension and have the blast go there instead. Or if he tried to turn Mr. Miracle into a frog (as he is so willing to do to his brother Thor), Scott's Alpha Effect simply wouldn't allow it because transmutation is essentially someone/thing seeking to trap him in a form not his own. It would regard the "Thorfrog" spell (again, just as an example) the same way it would regard an Adamantium and/or Promethium cage or a rear naked choke. If it binds him, he's released from it. It's as simple as that.

Still, even though Scott is indeed his father's son and seeks after peace, it wouldn't take long for him to realize just how much of a threat Loki represents, and cause him to go "all out" to at least score the KO. Would he go for the kill strike? Well his step-brother and his wife certainly would, but I see him exhausting all methods open to him before it came to that (I wouldn't hold that against him though, as both Thor and Odin have a similar [though not identical] hang-up on delivering the deathblow to the Asgardian trickster:).

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Just asking, if Obsidian shows Thor his dark side, can this make thunder god unworthy?

This is very possible, considering that bloodlusted vengeance at all costs against Galactus caused Beta Ray Bill to be considered unworthy of Stormbreaker for a short time. Until he came to himself that is.

Very clever outside the box thinking there, mon ami...

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In a blow for blow type of matchup, these two are pretty close strength wise. But I think that Mr. Miracle may have the edge considering that he was trained by Granny Goodness, Batman, and Black Canary. Not to mention that Orion, his wife Barda, and Lightray are frequent sparring partners of his. Loki is no slouch with a sword, so he does have that going for him.

I say Mr. Miracle 6/10. 10/10 if he can activate his Mother Box to interface with Knowhere...