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Aw, crap. We Americans have got a pretty bad track record so far where going to war with Canada is concerned.

I wonder if they address this fact in this upcoming comic series...

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Ok. Im not that well versed on any GL. Also I always thought Thanos and Darkseid level beings were called low skyfathers since there is no name between heralds and skyfathers and thety are definately higher than any herald. Anyways thanks for the info and if you have any more feats you could share with me that would be great.

Fair enough. For the record though, Alan (and his kids for that matter) aren't your average Lanterns. They are powered by the Starheart, an eons-old artifact composed of every scrap of Chaos Magic in the universe that wasn't currently in use when the Guardians of the Universe forged it. They have abilities well beyond that of an average Lantern (although Jade is not on the same level as her dad, and Todd pulls his power from the dark side of the Starheart, respectfully).

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This could end in stalemate, for real.

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What is the mindset of Team 2? That could be useful to know.

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@matchesmalone21: How strong is Metallo Post-Flashpoint? How fast?

This will help me make my decision.

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Hi mate....everything all right? I remake another respect thread

And what a great job you've done!! Sorry for not checking in sooner, but work has been crazy these past few weeks (smh)!

That said, I love seeing my two favorite comic book geniuses showcased in Respect Thread form (the other being Steel, of course)!!!

Keep up the good work!:)

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DAMN!!! I'm glad to see that DC is finally stepping up to give Steel the spotlight he so desperately deserves!!

Good job, mon ami!!!;)

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If he's still jumping over buildings, then one kick could send Captain America across town IMO...

Toss up on who wins the long term battle, though...

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I know absolutely nothing about Telos. But I've gotta admit, that picture of Brainiac is beastly!!!

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Can't we have an East Asian Superhero? With all these changes, you'd think there'd be one.

At Marvel they call him Shang-Chi. Over at DC, they use a guys named Rising Sun, Striker Z, and a woman named Dr. Light (Hoshi).

Most of them are barely B-listers. It would be nice to have a high profile ones that featured more than guest stars every now and then.


Not sure people who get a handful of appearances really count.

Agreed, gentlemen. Agreed. However, one thing I think the three of us can agree on is that the difference between a "B-Lister" and an "A-Lister" is a dedicated writer who can use said character to their fullest potential. The fact that these characters exist at allwithin their respective Universes means that they are ready and waiting on the shelf for a writer with vision to help them explode out of the gates like American Pharaoh and join the big leagues.