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@titantempest: It's probably Batman himself. I mean, why else would the eye scanner work for him, I'd like to rule out contacts. Plus, that costume looked suspiciously similar to the one Bruce used before he came "back to life"

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@Shark_Repellent_Bat_Spray: American Vampire is on a hiatus. It's not going to be coming out for a while.

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That looks good.

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Wait... Can anyone confirm that that is indeed Snyder's Amazon account?

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I've watched the show weekly (up to now)

It wouldn't make sense to throw Batman in. They've been trying to keep the characters they introduce as "real" as they can, with realistic back-stories and what-not, but I find that they tend to re-write them to fit the show. Which is great! It add a new/fresh twist to characters like Huntress or Deathstroke. I can't imagine them doing the same for Batman. There wouldn't be enough maneuvering room for the writers.

I don't think it should be shocking OR disappointing that they aren't going to be interacting with Diana or Bruce. Sticking to smaller characters works with the way the show runs.

No complaints from me in regards to this "announcement".