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Bloody great if you ask me! 0

The Story  Following the events of the Sisterhood arc, Elizabeth "Betsy" Braddock has returned from her stint as an Exile, and travels to Japan to bury her original body again with Wolverine in tow. However, an attack by ninjas from the Hand leaves her with a new purpose: to kill Matsuo Tsurayaba, the man responsible for her body transfer - as seen in Acts of Vengeance. But the road to Matsuo is a perilous one, and Psylocke has ...

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Psylocke returns home... a little! 0

The Good  This standalone issue solves the dangling plot thread involving Psylocke and Empress Hydra's Slaymaster. As the only prey who has eluded him, Psylocke has been tracked by Slaymaster across several realities. Despite having won their most recent confrontation, she however opted not to finish him, so Slaymaster escaped and continued to visit various  realities and kill off Psylocke counterparts. What we didn't know before is that Betsy actually feels each and ev...

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