The blossoming of the sword.

    Waking up after the crash of the plane I was supposed to take to Japan, I had to make a decision. That precognitive dream I had sure helped me survive, but what I needed after escaping death was simply a purpose. How on Earth had I been able to flash forward? Where did that power come from? How did it work? Could it be one of more powers to be discovered?
    My decision to travel to Japan had been taken on an impulse to start with. Sure, I was quite familiar with the culture, but only as an occidental can be. I didn't know anyone there, and yet I had felt a need to go there... almost a calling. Since I was so drawn to this place, maybe there was a reason for it. So I went back to the airport, and succeeded in exchanging my original ticket for one on the next flight - without any added costs due to subtly reminding the attendant that I should have been on the doomed flight in the first place. I thought of trying to squeeze even more out of the situation by requesting a better ticket than my econmy class one, but did not have to as the decidedly charming young woman made to call a superior to allow her to set me up on a business class trip. "What a difference a day makes", I thought. One day you get a crash out in the Pacific Ocean, and the next you get treated like royalty!
     (To be continued)

Posted by Constantine

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