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Hardcore comic fans are probably the most fickle group out there so i can understand Waid's post very well.

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The only thing that video missed was that girl going to sleep but when he grabbed her in that sleeper hold ,i cheered it hahaha.

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@pwok21: storm has planetary weather and could do far more damage than bobby could every dream of and has been known to create unnatural weather on planet earth.if bobby makes it cold..storm can make it warm ( temperature ).storm can create summer time conditions in the middle of winter.if bobby makes ice..storm can turn up the heat and melt it.she can separate water molecules into oxygen and hydrogen.she can alter the state of water into all of it's forms at command(from gas to liquid,liquid to ice and vice versa for example).

the point is we can guess all we want and both sides can counter each other but bobby and storm has never had a battle of power and therefor we don't really know who will win.

Iceman has froze hell & took over earth with ease so until storm does anything like that you can't compare them power wise plus Iceman can exist inside storm which would be fatal to her or Thor instantly.Also Iceman can control magic ice from Ymir as i am sure i linked it afew pages earlier.

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Hercules after a good battle wins as i doubt Wolverine can even do enough damage to hurt Hercules any way.

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NO theres beings way beyond him that'll just blink him out of existence.

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Well i hope those they lethal inject are 100% guilty since there is alot of innocent men in jail based off a fake rape claim by women or for being a pedophile.

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@god_spawn said:

@hellionvulcan: They aren't PIS because they are consistent. Cutting Hulk at base levels only is just laughable. Anyone that has read most of their fights could figure out the fallacy in that. The only truth in your statement would be the fact that Wolverine has very little chance to put Hulk down and he would eventually keep healing faster. So adding to the list of Thanos, Hulk, and Gladiator, you can add in Thor since Thor admitted his durability won't last and he was bleeding out through his sides and armor as Wolverine started landing more blows. You can also throw in Namor in there, another character that also embarrassed Ares. If you want to play the PIS card, I could easily just say him hurting Mikaboshi is pis then since Ares weapons were broken by Rulk with his bare hands, cut by Daken, and some of his weapons have broken on Hulk's skin.

Since you said Wolverine has cut them consistently show me scans of Wolverine cutting Gladiator/Thanos other times when they have fought ? I know Gladiator & Wolverine fought outside the x-mansion once where Gladiator defeated Wolverine with ease (so Wolverine has never been consistent with hurting Gladiator) ,while Ares has battled Mikaboshi numerous times & has done well against him each time as that defines the word consistently so it can't be labeled pis.

Ares/Hercules vs Mikaboshi also same mini Ares fights his son who's powered by Mikaboshi

Ares vs Nightmare & Mikaboshi

Ares vs Mikaboshi with his army & later his son.

In that fight the Grasscutter blade cuts Ares countless times yet defeats Mikaboshi with one hit.

Thor wasn't losing that fight & its been discussed last page as Wolverine wasn't doing any significant damage any way. Ares weapons breaking is pis as his weapons have a tendency to break the law of physics as it was a normal spear that broke on Hulks skin & we don't know if Ares weapons that Rulk crushed or Daken cut were the real deal since realistically if they were made out of adamantine they'd be indestructible.

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@hellionvulcan: Because Wolverine has cut characters more durable than ares on a regular basis. Using Thor as an example was moot.

Name them as the Thanos/Gladiator ones are pis so using them is laughable.Hulk can only be harmed by wolverine at base levels as once Hulk gets angry enough Wolverine has literally no chance of harming him.While the Thing is durable as both he & Ares are level 6 durability (stated in marvel's handbook) just that Thing is more susceptible to damage from explosions/weapons made of harder substance than his rock form,heat/cold,falls from great heights & so forth.Plus Ares hurting Mikaboshi means he is capable of hurting any body you list for Wolverine.

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@jashro44 said:

@hellionvulcan said:

Ares axe still has a better cutting/slicing feat than anything Wolverine has ever cut with is claws & thats hurting the Chaos King Mikaboshi. Its said that Thor's stamina enables him to last months without tiring not to mention his healing factor/durability which should last alot longer than Wolverines. It doesn't even make sense as to why Thor would start losing as the fight went on when he has nearly every advantage besides fighting skill .(seriously poor writing)

Plus the longer the fight go's it should go Ares way - Wolverine's mutant healing factor grants him high immunity against lactic acid and other fatigue toxins generated by his muscles during physical activity. Wolverine can sustain himself at peak capacity for several days. While Ares musculature produces almost no fatigue toxins during physical activity. As a result, his body possesses almost limitless physical stamina in all activities. Still i see no evidence of Wolverine being able to harm Ares because if by chance Wolverine could harm him ,i can't see it being fatal or enough to stop Ares from hurting Wolverine alot more.

I haven't read chaos war (which is where I am assuming this has happened in) but Daken also cut Ares axe in half before with his own claws in savage she hulk #1. So are there any other cutting feats because I've never really gotten the impression Ares can cut adamantium (if thats what your trying to say)? I guess he cut sentry and thats something. Than again these abstract characters don't have physical forms most of the time. I remember when Sue blasted a hole thorugh galactus chest and he said it wasn't a concern because that body was just a projection or something along those lines. For all we know chaos king could be similar (he is suppose be basically evil eternity correct?).

Regardless this isn't about damage output vs damage output, this is about defence vs damage output. Wolverine is faster and more skilled so he has what it takes to get in close to ares to my knowledge.

You want to call poor writing on the fight with thor than OK but you brought up that comic first. As for your point on stamina I don't believe the fight will drag on long enough for that to be a relevant factor.

Yea its from Chaos war Ares one shot as it depends on which axe Ares has with him or just that writers forget that most of his weapons are made out a harder material than adamantium,No i never meant Ares can cut Adamantium just that he can cut through wolverines body at joints where there is no adamantium or do what ultimate hulk did to Wolverine just with an axe instead. It was never really said what Mikaboshi form was but he still got hurt even if it was for a second but at chaos king level he threatened everything as he was a multi-universal threat,since Mikaboshi is said to be the darkness that was before anything else existed but i think it was retconned so that he was made by a God/Deity that gave him life "Billions of years ago, the Shinto gods Izanagi and Izanami ventured into a formless world that was dominated by a dark, primordial void where the ancient force of nature known as Amatsu-Mikaboshi existed and reigned alone."(its hard to explain his character).

Wolverine is faster/more skilled is hard to debate since Ares doesn't have many feats of either.

While Wolverine wouldn't make as many mistakes only one is all Ares needs to take advantage
Its seems Ares moved so fast Gambit couldn't react since he never moved from where he was standing only Ares did.

Wolverine has to be able to get close so like your scan of Thor using an Area attack so can Ares
Hes a talented man :).

I only used that Thor pic to show that Wolverine can't damage Gods since Greeks Gods seem to be more durable than Asgardians (should've said that earlier). I don't think Wolverine could defeat Ares quickly at all as getting past Ares durability/healing factor is going to be extremely unlikely. Wolverine took one punch from Ares which left him floored & bloody so all Ares has to do is land afew good hits on Wolverine (or just bury him under a building) to the point where he can ground/pound Wolverine out cold.

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@hellionvulcan: Bring me these vaunted Greek weapons piercing someone like Thanos, then you may have a point.

Sorry to break it to you but Chaos King Mikaboshi >>>>>>>> Thanos & yes Ares can hurt him

Zeus on the other hand should fight Thanos quite well.