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I finally have an answer!!!

Well judging from the portrayal of vampires in both marvel and other literature, it appears that Blade HAS ALL the vampire powers, however they wont manifest until he grows older. Its pretty well known that the older a vampire the stronger it is and if Blade does have their powers, then his powers should technically work the same way. It has been shown that pure blood vampire (which were born vampires) tend to manifest and learn to control their powers slowly as they age and when the powers do develop they are very powerful (more powerful than any bitten vampire can ever hope to be). So from the fact that Blade was born a Dhampir (instead of being bitten) his powers should be similar.
Also it has been shown that Dracula is not the most ancient vampire in the marvel universe. He is the father of modern vampires, however there are much more ancient and powerful vampires than him. So this also supports the theory that with age a vampire develops more powers.
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@DoratheILLegaLImmigrant said:
" @cascadeking09 said:
" @DoratheILLegaLImmigrant said:
" Black ppl can't have blue eyes unless those are contacts...so that's a unique character I guess. "
that aint true its alot of black folks wit blue eyes and they be 100% black
them aint contacts "
100% black people cannot have blue eyes it's a genetic mutation that evolved in Europe. If that's you then you obviously have European ancestry somewhere down the line. "

Its rare but African people with no mixed heritage can have blue eyes, my little 2 year old cousin has greyish blue eyes and both her parents are brown skinned with brown eyes. It either comes as a gene or trait and depending on if both parents share the trait there is a 1 in 4 chance that the child will be born with blue or green eyes. I personally have brown eyes and my sister and mum have green eyes, but that may be because of our ancestry. However it could be possibly due to the fact that I have a few albino relatives and the albinism may only show in her eyes pigment... but this is highly unlikely.

A good thing to remember is that Africans have the greatest genetic diversity of all people on earth, so if light skinned people with no albinism or European ancestry can be found in Africa, it is likely that people with blue eyes and no European ancestry can also be found in Africa.

Photo's of black people with blue and green eyes.

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@symbiote5 said:
" yea nice job hellspawn whats i know who sings that song but whats the name of it ? "
Yeh the song is Lil Wayne - Something you forgot

Thanks for the comments everybody

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I give this fight to BP, for the reasons already stated.

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Well it looks like what is happening now in the BP issues will have reactions with the rest of the marvel universe in the not so distant future.

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X23 is who I'm gonna bet on

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I tried to match the pictures to the lyrics...