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@thorson said:

do norse people like comicbook THOR?

Comics aint that popular in Scandinavia. We read Donald Duck (not Mickey Mouse) Beetle Bailey & The Phantom and of course domestic comics. Only Marvel Ive seen on the shelves is Spider-Man and thats it.

This is what we read;

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@maccyd: Sorry but all the books I own about the Aztecs mainly concern their religion. The few historically I own are old and outdated

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@edamame said:

I think the Vikings were all over Europe, but I don't know if they reached Africa.

Most likely they did. They called the continent Blåland and often sailed the Strait of Gibraltar and the Mediterranean Sea

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@maccyd said:

Anyone know any good books on Aztecs/Incas/Mayans?

Any major pre-columbian Central/South American civilizations would do.

For the Mayans I would recommend A Forest of Kings - The Untold Story Of The Ancient Maya by Linda Scheele and David Freidel (very known names in that field)

Also An Illustrated Dictionary Of The Gods and Symbols of Ancient Mexico and the Maya by Mary Miller and Karl Taube (myths and beliefs of Mesoamerica but also some history and the everyday life of the civilizations. Recommend it)

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Thank you, no bother at all but Im absolutley no expert. I´m just interested in history and snap things up thanks to my workplace

As for Aegishjálmur, that picture of yours is the first time Ive seen is as a necklace. It was originally never used as jewelry because its a Rune galder.

A galder is a spell. You could sing it or carve its sigil on wood or bone or draw it on your body in saliva or blood. (like summon Jesus or draw a cross I suppose)

Aegishjálmur means "Helm of Terror" or "Helm of Awe". It consist of eight m or R -runes forming a cross and were drawn on the chest, arm or forehead to induce fear in an enemy. More exaples;

Icelandic magical staves, in English :)


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@strmbrngr: Nice jewelry. It differs a bit but not to much. Easily recognized as the Wolf´s Cross. And I will find myself a replica of Aegishjàlmur

Hammers comes in many shapes indeed. The one in your picture is called Skånehammaren. It was found in Skåne (south Sweden) probably 9th Century. The "beak" is actually believed to be a goats head - easier to see in this original picture - since the animal is linked to Thor (might be one of his goats Tanngnjost or Tanngrisner)

http://sv.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mj%C3%B6lner - scroll down to see different types of hammers. (in Swedish only unfortunately)

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@strmbrngr: Well its actually spelled Ægishjálmur, I choosed the easy way ;)

Your necklaces are beautiful! Mjolnir looks awesome

I ordered my jewelry from www.handfaste.se and www.forntidasmycken.se. Both sites could be viewed in English. When it comes to the Wolf´s Cross I cant remember when or where I bought it. Probably in a market some 20 years ago but its a very famous Icelandic artifact and shouldnt be too hard to find on the web. You could also try search it as "Vargkorset" or "Hamarinn frá Fossi"

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@strmbrngr: I own every single one of those yes, in fact Im wearing the Freja one right now ;)

The jewelry on your picture is the Rungalder called Aegishjalmur and its got the Elder Furhark written around it. Ive never seen one as a necklace before - beautiful!

Try search Rungalder Aegishjalmur jewelry and you might find it

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A little reminder