My Pull List (end of 2013)

2013 is winding down and we're already getting some new titles to chose from, so very soon this list will have to be updated. But here's my pull list as it stands for the end of 2013. There are some titles I'm reading but don't have on my pull list because they're either new (generally I wait until at least 3 issues), or I'm on the fence about them, or I read them in trade.

List items

Posted by MadeinBangladesh

Hell yeah! Some love for Quantum and Woody! That book is hilarious.

I'm also reading a lot of these.

Posted by Deathstroke19

Nice to see some Suicide Squad love.... You barely hear about them in this site :P

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@madeinbangladesh: Yeah it is. Valiant is killing it with their reboots, I'm just starting to get into Archer & Armstrong, Harbringer, and X-0 and I get the feeling they'll all be on the list for 2014.

@deathstroke19: SS has been kind of beaten down by DC with all the creative team switches which is very frustrating. But I've always loved the SS, even the originals were awesome and dark despite the CCA.

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Posted by JSH92

JLD, JLA, and Suicide Squad are on mine. I was considering Shadowman. What do you think of it?

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@jsh92: If you like JLD you'll like Shadowman. It's rooted in dark magic and has some unique lore. Valiant usually does 4 issue story arcs so you can pick up the first trade of 4 issues for $10. The most recent issue (13) is a new arc too so you could just jump right on.