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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Season 1. I'd like to know their feats, as well. It seems like a series that would be hard to do. Could I get Strength, Speed, Durability, and Energy Output?

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Darth Maul

I don't understand why so many people put Star Wars characters in fights if they're just going to nerf them? But still, Maul. Not knowing how to use a lightsaber means that you're more likely to hack one of your own limbs off than anyone else's. It has no counterweight like a normal sword does. That means you can't tell where the blade is. Deathstroke might be able to wield it after a second or two, but he's still not experienced with it. Nor is he near Maul's Force Speed/Senses. Blade just plain loses hard.

Maul > Deathstroke > Blade

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Wonder Woman.

She's shown many more feats that are many times more powerful than anything Neo's shown. She's stronger (on par with Superman), just as fast if not faster (exceeds hypersonic speeds), and extremely durable (Neo has nothing sharp on his person usually and WW can easily deflect bullets). Not to mention her heightened reflexes, lasso, and equal fighting ability. Neo may know "Kung-Fu" but Wonder Woman's trained in various Amazonian martial arts and worked harder for her abilities.

However, I don't know if you're giving Neo anything outside the movies though. To be honest, I've only ever seen the original films and the Animatrix. If there are any comics further illustrating his abilities then I am unaware of them.