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surfer can also use his power cosmic to augment his strength to incalcuble levels perhaps he could even out power or match superman with this method

SS is like a big swis army knife of heroes

I think the only way firestrom could beat SS would be to find a way to become one with martian manhunter, superman, and the flash

but firestorms weakness is that he is already fused with two people which the two minds dont always agree

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Eradicator says:


thats from wizard magazine when they had the two fight. According to them Goku beat superman easily but like all fan fics it was just a fan fic so not cannon

but its a cool picture

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every thing fire storm can do SS can do the same thing but better. Firestorm can transmute non organic objects. SS can transmute practically anything

he goes about 4 times light speed where firestorm is much slower

and then you have the power cosmic blast which would destroy firestorm

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Static Shock says:

"Colt Python says:
"how do you know the Kamemahameha isn't stronger than the Omega Effect?"
That's easy. Common sense, really. The Omega Effect either teleports the target to another location or erase them completely from the universe. It can bend, twist, and curve around corners. It can travel across time and pass through different universes, and can pass through nearly any known barrier. Only Superman and Doomsday survived it. The Kamehameha can't do any of that. It can obliterate opponents depending on the user and the power of the blast. Like all other blasts in DBZ, it can be clashed with any other blast and can be blocked by a barrier. If Superman can survive something as powerful as an Omega Beam without being erased from existence or teleported by it (when it normally does that to it's targets), then how can the Kamehameha phase Superman? It cannot. I can understand the Spirit Bomb, though. "

You have to give supes props for surviving such an attack but it doesnt mean that goku wouldn't survive it either. Both heroes have invunarbility

a phaser from star trek pretty much wipes you completly away does it make it as powerful as a kamehameha or an omega beam

alls the omega effect proves to me that it takes out people who are lesser then superman

superman = darksied most of the times. So its people who are lesser then darksied that it kills

so it doesnt really prove that its more powerful then gokus attack. This is mere speculation but if the two beams clashed I think gokus would repel it in an instant

I still even think that thanos or silver surfer power cosmic like blast could beat an omega effect.

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Team 1= Magneto, Iceman, Storm, Cable, Mr Sinister

Team 2= Dark Pheonix (comeone she is the equivulant of 30 teams by herself)

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I watch naruto shippuden although I hear the managa is the best

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Tjaden Windu says:

"superman is essentially the finger of god so ill have to say the big blue boyscout wins "
Thats a great reason! Thats why superman wins. We just know how powerful he is we dont care about some other guy we dont know what his ratings are. We just know superman wins....because we just know his ratingsand now we can call him a finger of god to make him sound immensely more cooler then he isno offense Tjaden its just both arguments for either goku or superman havent provided anything tangibleI know I know supermans invunerable and people are like....noo way can goku hurts him. Because goku strength is only a quarter of supermans...because i know...just because I know. Dont worry I can ignore that goku's powers are also invunerability but superman fans ignore it or just say superman is a finger of god so he supercedes it allpeople can ignore me much as they want that Broly annihilates an entire galaxy and goku is stronger then him. Because its not in the manga but yet the same writer akira toriyama wrote it (so the representation of power is actually canon wether you want to be in that denile or not)its not like JLU cartoon series vs the comics wich has differnet writers and superman requiring a space suit unlike his comic book version.So yeah discount what is convientient for you and just keep provided scans of superman beating up people. I knew how strong he was before I joined the vine so proving to me that superman is strong is pointlessyou can say superman is soo much faster just because you know hes fast (really isnt an intillegent way to arrive at a conclusion) yes you can see supermans hands moving really fast to show he can punch fast but it also has been done before in Dragon ballIm going with my Broly equation that is writtin by the author of the manga. That will be right now my reasons for goku winning.If that reason didnt exist I would be undecidedif by some chance their strength and speed were the same I would say goku because he has a much more variety of abilities and battle tacticts
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yes so unfortuanetly for most of Marvel characters we cant match them up to most of DCs top heroes and villians speed and strength

I mean yeah we can have Silver Surfer vs some dc characters and maybe sentry or Thor with Odin force but not much other heroes lower then them

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Forever says:

"I think this happens over and over again and writers then have to reign themselves back in to keep the characters from being too unweildy. They pulled Superman back from the brink of insanity. At one point he could use his super vision to scan across the universe, blow out stars like he was blowing out candles, juggle planets... But I would have thought that you enjoyed this overinflation of characters. As you mentioned, your favorite character was first just a threat to life perhaps in her Galaxy. The Cosmic Entities didn't take much notice of her when she awoke. Instead of all of those who came to stop Thanos when he had the Infinity Gauntlet, the only Cosmic beings who the original Dark Phoenix was able to catch the attention of were Earth's Watcher, the Silver Surfer and perhaps Galactus, who if he noticed was only curious. But a few years later, you have this all powerful Phoenix of the White Crown (who I would argue is nowhere near the Living Tribunal in power) rewriting timelines and manipulating the entire universe."

I like how they do Thanos. They give him such rediculous power but on the three ocasions he has he only gets them temporarily. (Only because Thanos subconscience thought himself unworthy)

When he had the heart of the universe. He destroyed all.... of Marvel. Only to see himself unworthy and undo his destruction

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Renegade Lantern says:

"Three of Marvel heavy hitters at once would not lose to Black Adam. One on One he probably could beat them but all three of theses guys....are you serious?"

sorry to say but yes. Its only because his strength is about the same as supermans and captain marvels

All three of them together maybe could equal his strength but then again I have my doubs

Black Adam can travel near light speed which probably beats 40 namors if they combined their speeds

So 3 vs him they wouldnt be able to touch Black Adam

BL would fly at them superspeed and give them a life crushing punch and maybe rip off one of their heads since hes crazy like that