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I would say a clear definition of the power is in order

on a personal basis I would say batman should get the adaptive if a character like shikamaru has it and he just adapts to situations by battle strategy

Adaptive is a generalized word. Normal humans can adapt to the enviroment changes such as i.e. putting on a jacket when it gets cold.

Batman does not have any superpowers yet we list other abilities like stamina and insanley rich into superpowers (well the superpower list should be changed to attribute list anyway)

If we agree that adapt shouldnt be on the list since its too much of a generalization and you want to change the category to natural biological adaptation then thats different untill then batman should get the ability

I am going by the definition that would be given in the dictionary

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No one is really in SS weight class in battles the only ones shown repeatedly able to beat him would be Thanos but then again SS isnt exactly in Thanos weight class.

The only good fight I know would be SS vs Mephisto or SS vs Ravenous (before the annihilation power up)

And we know of course Galactus could pwn him with ease

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Static Shock says:

"Forever says:
"What have you seen that makes you think Firestorm can react to a near light speed attack?"
Don't see why he can't. And if he's intangible, he can't touch him. He could instantly transmute him into a block of ice or something. P.S. - Near light speed isn't absolute.
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He cant transmute organic materials such as living beings that is his limitation

he technically could transmute a lot of things into kryptonite. But i honestly see Superman prime punching firestorm in the face splitting him into both of his halves....er erase that superman prime punches firestorm so fast he doesnt have a head anymore

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I am just curious who is better. I am sure at least some of you read some starwars books and may have a conclusion. I havent read the books so the insight would be good

I know Jango gunned down a jedi apprentice (i think it was apprentice) in Ep 2 then he was easily killed by mace windu

so if boba fett is better then his father how do you think he would ranks vs other jedi in a fight?

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I would say subzero is the better fighter but Iceman has a better control over ice and if I rememebr correctly Iceman can possibly freeze to absolute zero

the problem with iceman is that he underates himself but his potential is so powerful

based on that factor i am unsure but if iceman uses all his power he should be able to beat sub zero even though subzero is way cooler then iceman

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I say broly he destroyed an entire galaxy in the beginning of the movie (that would put him in the range of a high power cosmic being in terms of destruction capability) I dont think superman can survive that power.

Its not the power from the sun so it will hurt him so dont use that comparison.

I don't think any one can stop him... short of a really good reality warper or someone who is on or close to omnipotent god levels

Very strong telepaths might be able to shut him down if he doesnt blitz over to them real fast with a lethal punch. But if goku is near him his rage might be able to overide mental controls

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Goku will send for UUBU and have him transmute superman into a four course meal

or superman will carry a needle and scare goku away

or another scenario goku teleports behind superman and gives him the ultimate wedgy. "thats what you get for wearing your underwear over your spandex =p"

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I would say even though we disagree at times Apparition is a good debator

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I'll join this team ^_^

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Methos says:

"http://i128.photobucket.com/albums/p171/methosivanhoe/mod/OCRGUG_Eki_Braveheart.jpg M"

well at least its not so bad now. Talking about omega effects and pictures. There is a calm right now