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@super_soldierxii: Except that his healing factor isn't working right now, so it won't even close.

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I would agree that overall, Zuko is the better firebender, but keep in mind that Mako demonstrated both lightning generation and redirection in season 1. It could be a more interesting fight than most people give it credit for.

I would argue that Korra would beat Ang, due to having a more aggressive fighting style (yet has still shown feats of agility like when she defeated a bunch of waterbenders without using any bending herself, instead dodging around and knocking them out with punches or tying them up in banners), has demonstrated more special bending techniques (healing, metal bending, forms of spirit bending Aang hadn't even heard of even if it wouldn't make a difference in the fight, resisting blood bending without the avatar state). She's also actually fought a dark avatar whereas Aang never had a chance to fight any kind of equivalent, and she was winning until Tarlok brought out the weird spirit tentacles. Either way, their fight would be very impressive, with each of them bettering the other in 2 elements if you go by feats in the shows (Korra with water and fire, Aang with air and earth).

Toph would most likely wreck Bolin with her more consistently impressive feats and seismic sensing, although his lava bending could potentially give him a few wins.

As with everyone else's thoughts so far, Tenzin and Asami would most likely beat Katara and Sokka, even if Katara would give Tenzin a bit of a fight.

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While the symbiotes have the overall advantage, it's worth noting that X-23 not only survived fighting four symbiote covered clones of herself in the Circle of Four crossover (going solo I might add), but killed two of them.

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This seems kind of spite considering current Wolverine is dead (or at the least, doesn't heal), current Cable has no powers and you put both Cyclops and Samus on the same team. Samus, the space traveling bounty hunter with all sorts of crazy weapons (super missiles, plasma weapons, scanning modes that seem to instantly analyze any kind of technology and dark energy beams) and other suit powers that would most likely overwhelm any of Iron Man's standard suits. Honestly, all Deadpool has to do is tell jokes about how badly team 1 is getting rocked.

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Morals off? Full moon? No restrictions on how they use their abilities?

Katara bloodbends SubZero to death. Fight over.

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I'd vote X-23, partly because she fought 4 X-23 clones with the venom symbiote at the same time and killed two of them without a properly functioning healing factor. Although admitedally I haven't read anything with Mania.

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Easily the most enjoyable comic I read this week.

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@animehunter: Except that she's already been strongly hinted to be appearing in at least one X-Men book after this series ends. http://www.bleedingcool.com/2013/07/21/x-men-full-panel-report-from-sdcc-amazing-x-men-longshot-and-x-23/

She was mentioned in a Brian Wood interview recently as well.

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This sounds like an interesting fight. They all have similar skill levels, and when written properly, they're all tactically smart. One has gadgets, one has weapons and a robotic arm, and one has a healing factor and adamantium claws. They're also fairly experienced (X-23 being the least bit experienced, but that may not be a factor).

How much knowledge do they have of each other before this encounter? If Nightwing has prior knowledge of them, I'd give him the initial edge. If not, he'd likely have the disadvantage. Both X-23 and Winter Soldier are willing to kill, giving him a further disadvantage.

That said, the longer the fight goes on, the more it tips in X-23's favour - they'd have to knock her out early, but if she fought strategically, she could easily appear weaker at first, and pop them with her foot claws when they least expected it (a strategy she's used successfully on numerous occasions).

I'm not sure which way to vote.

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@zr0c00l said:

They fought in a crossover of their solo titles (like issues 8-9) cant remember exactly how it went down but daken won. So daken

What are you talking about? They fought each other to a standstill, and she did better against the mutated children in the Weapon X lab when they worked together later in the crossover.

Since then, she's also taken on four venom powered clones of herself and all sorts of demonic monsters (without an active healing factor by the way) in the Venom crossover. Along with the rest of the Avengers Academy, she fought a series of superpowered teenagers when she was depowered and dying of Adamantium poisoning. She knocked out an elder of the universe - the collector. She tackled Rockslide during the Jean Grey School/Avengers Academy football game, which is an impressive strength feat.

Outside of her feats, she's practiced a lot on robots (with Finesse, who learns to fight the exact same way Taskmaster does), had sparring matches with different Avengers including Tigra and is often shown working out in her cameos. Where has Daken been since their crossover? Oh right, Wolverine drowned him in a pool.

Without his recent horsemen powerup, I'd give the advantage to X-23. Adamantium claws aren't much of an upgrade for him considering his claws were strong enough to cut through metal anyway. If anything, the metal will slow his healing factor a bit.

I vote for X-23

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