Most Convenient Superpowers

  1.  Super Durability, no need to worry about every bumb, scratch and train collision                                                                                                                                                   Also the hospital is a thing of the past, as this also covers all viruses and bacteria as they can do nothing to your cells       
  2. Flight, need to get somewhere? No problem! you got it covered, anywhere you wanna be    (this power also includes enhanced durability so speedy flight is possible)
  3.   Super Strength, need to get the top off a jar? well now you got muscle to make everyday tasks a little easier                                                                                            you could clear a building in a single bound,as all  your muscles are enhanced to hulk levels                                                                                                                    (once again, durability is enhanced so that you can lift a tank without your bones turning to splinters)   
  4.    Enhanced Human, overall your now fantastic, senses, power and agility to super levels. Why not enter the Olympics?  Because your a winner! 
  5.  Super Intelligence, you may wonder why this is so low on the list, you change your intelligence and you change your personality.                                                        But your now vast knowledge you could recreate all the above with highly advanced technology.     
  6. Super senses, sight, hearing, touch, taste and all the other dozen senses you will now have will be advanced and superior beyond all others, be they tech or                    biology based. You could see the microbes on your skin and hear a butterfly burp in Africa.    
  7.  Shapeshifting, wanna ruin a celebutante's career?, be them for a weekend, run as a cheetah? fly as an eagle? It is all possible now. 
  8.  Matter Ingestion, you'll never go hungry again, chicken, eggs, tires, glass, poison of the black widow.....All can be eaten now                                                                 Your the real iron stomach.
  9. Omni-Linguism, wanna impress your girlfriend? well now you can communicate with everyone and everything, be them French, canine or  klog from omicron  persei 8. 
  10. Intangibility and Invisibility, the ultimate thief's and spy's  arsenal, you are now the master of espionage.     

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Posted by Mr.Q
All necessities met. Nice and well rounded.
Posted by -chapel-

I wonder what this super being would look like...
Posted by Mr.Q
@-chapel- said:
" I wonder what this super being would look like... "
google Chuck Norris and find out.
Posted by Ultimate JSA
@Mr.Q said:
"All necessities met. Nice and well rounded. "

what he said
Posted by hdorman1

thanks for all the nice comments