the entire ucd sci fi admins are heading out to see iron man 2 tomorrow 
as i  am the ever loyal comic book and novel librarian officer  i was in charge of this event as its comic book based 
its going without a hitch so far 
lets just hope everyone arrives and i get my money back... 
still though .....
IRON MAN 2!!!!

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im reading spawn at the mo 
got it from a mate 
jack jumpin'christ its fantastic  
been a long time since i enjoyed a read this much 
pity my finals for first year science in uni are coming up 
i have a choice, spawn vs studying chemistry and geology 
feck it ....
spawn wins

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Goddamn ACL

I tore my fecking acl and bruised some bone 
had an mri yesterday and got results today and saw a specialist 
6-9 months! 
fecks sake 
there goes the summer 

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You can see my house in this photo! 

I'm from Ireland, to be a tad more specific I live in Meath.
I live near enough to the capital (Dublin). 
Anyone on the 'vine who is Irish, has Irish parents or can claim Irish ancestry? 


Been reading many merc based marvel comics lately, and re reading others 
issues such as Agent X, the Taskmaster mini series and pretty much all of deadpool... 
I  see Taskmaster in a completely different light. 
Im finding that if a character gets a mini series of special issue dedicated to them it relieves bias and makes everything alot greyer, black and white isnt so prevalent anymore 
is their any series or comic made you see a character in a different light?