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313549 Faith Character Overview Finish off the Bio with what happened in Angel and Faith. 12/24/13 01:14PM 95 Approved
313541 Willow Character Overview Updating with what happened during Season 9, both her bio and power levels have changed since the Seed is back. 12/24/13 12:56PM 87 Approved
313480 Buffy Character Overview Updating the bio with what happened throughout Season 9. 12/24/13 12:09PM 131 Approved
313332 Illyria Character Overview Updating the bio up until her death. 12/24/13 11:08AM 130 Approved
111416 Willow Character Overview Had to update her powers since the destruction of the Seed to the present, and update what has happened since she went Dark (temporarily). 06/16/13 04:35PM 164 Approved
111409 Faith Character Overview They've seen accomplished their goal, Faith has changed, and added some pictures. 06/16/13 04:13PM 66 Approved
111405 Lois Lane Character Overview Man of Steel is out, and I added a better picture and better characterization. 06/16/13 04:00PM 34 Approved
111336 Illyria Character Overview Her powers are inaccurate, before her powers were drained by Severin, she had all of her powers. 06/16/13 02:19PM 40 Approved