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Team Bane will stomp. Scarecrow's theatricality and deception are powerful agents to the uninitiated... but Bane is initiated. Scarecrow thinks fear and darkness is his ally. Scarecrow merely adopted the dark; Bane was born in it, molded by it. He didn't see the light until I was already a man, by then it was nothing but blinding! The shadows will betray scarecrow, because they belong to bane.

.... And he is much more tactical than scarecrow and croc.

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I agree with this, but I seriously doubt Tigershark will be a threat when the fight is taking place in a volcano, unless were saying lava and water are the same difference lol.

Alan Scott > Rulk

Hawkman > Tigershark

Dr. Fate > Baron Mordo

Terrax gets ganged afterwards.

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JSA both rounds.

Mind listing everyone in Rulk pictures? I can't argue why then win very well without having a clear idea who they are and what they can do.

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Man-Horse slaughter stomps.

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Karate Kid

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Shiva wins. My opinion of Ozmymandius was forcefully grounded when it was stated that The Comedian was his equal in terms of H2H. For someone will all that training to essentially lose, put them in a universe in a world where superhuman is the norm and suddenly they don't seems as strong.

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@beautifulrevery: You make some good points. I'm very torn on this, because like you said Naruto is just a powerhouse and he just keeps getting stronger. One of the most powerful ninja in the world and he's only a genin, that annoys me. If team one Piece didn't have two logia users then I would've sided with team Naruto, they muddle it up.

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I think Amerterasu is relevant because it still is. Like No_Trolling said, he uses it all the time it's one of the core abilities of the Sharingan. To disregard it makes no sense under any circumstances. It's not like it's some one time showing that had no effect on the plot. It's a feat, and therefore relevant. I have already said I belive Naruto beats Luffy, but I don't see Naruto beating all three of them. Keep in mind that what they lack in speed and agility, the One Piece teams makes up for it with durability and obviously superhuman attributes in strength and stamina.

Luffy should be able to keep up with Naruto a bit and give him a hard time, and as I said, it comes down to what he can do to Logia users like Smoker and Ace and Vica Versa, which I way I believe a 6/10 in One Piece's favor is more than fair as it accounts for both possibilities.

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One Piece wins this 6/10 in a solid fight. First off I don't see how Neji will defeat Logia users like Ace and Smoker, and I'm confident he can be blitzed by a gear two Luffy and on a whole One Piece characters are far more durable than those of Naruto. A full power punch from Luffy and he's out of the game. Only Naruto and Sasuke pose an actual threat, so it's basically a 3v2 match.

The question is whether Amaterasu will have an effect on either Smoker or Ace. Chidori and it's variants shouldn't have any effect on Luffy since he's rubber. Smoker should be able to choke him out and Luffy's gear third in superhuman strength should do sufficient damage.

For me Luffy vs Naruto is a bit of a toss up, but I'm lean toward Naruto, but all three of them together should be able to pull out a win.

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Regardless of circumstance, even if Doom was submerged thousands of feet underwater he still stomps Amon in every way imaginable. The only trouble Doom will have with is Amon is deciding how to kill him. Doom has strength, speed, magic and technological advantages the likes of which Amon could never even imagine in his universe. Amon isn't getting pressure points, so you can drop that right now.

Blood Bending is a powerful force to fear, but not in the comic universe, especially to a powerhouse like Doom.