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I feel that I am done. I need to get a few things that need to be in order. I feel some things are looping too many times. I feel that I am not being that effective. I did my mark but I think it is time to end it. It was fun and I had given a few thoughts to ponder and I hope they can do better than I can.

Yeah it is time for me to go.

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If you have mind set of not killing goes against your character the evil version should have another reason for not killing. Villain don’t always need to kill they should have other methods if they want to make a mark unless it is their character to only think that way. If you are going to be evil go for new levels low.

Military Villains like Darth Sidious, Megatron and Robotnik make it that extreme measure are needed and compromise no kill code. If you power that the compromise is not needed I will congratulate you. You may have other problems like facing that you are not mortal, able to be related, etc.

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I made list sweet characters that have kill. Just to be noted I do not think less of character if there is no other option or the villain had their chance. I am just putting as fact. I probably add more later.


Someone was bound to do this it may as well be me.

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As of talk petition I have done labors to make eastern character vs western character prohibitaton.

One of the big factors is dragonball franchise. When death battle had a reply from someone who gave a so called reason why that was so long that would destroy computer making it unable to be read. There is a problem in that situation.

I have made of super sayein power not the best found here. There is a topic of over estimation that can be found here. I have done some figuring of what is holding us back. I think I will talk about that later on another topic

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I have done some figuring and got the better answer. The US are interested with villains and since British has been portrayed a lot back in the days it still some of that around. We have high curiosity of the deviant behavior.

English demonize their villains to make it that they have no redeemable factors. It worked back in the days, but now the question is ask: what if there is something missing or wrong. Hows is the Sheriff of Nottingham and Giant on the Beanstalk.

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Mr. Gun-eyes has taken a lot of burdens for a person that can hurt someone just by looking them. He is the chief that would shout at someone and call them loose cannons. He is the order of people first instinct to not follow orders. He goes against the method Hollywood movies work. This may be the reason they hate him.

He has my sympathies for all the stuff he goes through for Xavior’s dream. Perhaps that is the part that bothers the decisions he made. He needs to stop dating telepaths that have bird god powers. oh wait I forgot telepaths most of his life.

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I cannot be the only one who in the know.

It make sense she has alicorn potion in tow.

Alicorn amulet that she reaps.

It may use for secret she keeps.

Can someone else answer from image bestow?

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Ok there is incantation, enchantment, ingredient brewing. Any other terms which I put under magic category?

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If made legal it will have to follow regulations. Just like any business it must maintain its supplies and its image. There will be a need of license and history reports. The law will be twice as hard for not position but hazard or unethical material and on the distributer. I made a list of jobs but there could be more


  1. analyzer: there will be checking on the dosage for the needed of the patient
  2. gardener
  3. health Inspector
  4. Plant doctor
  5. License approver
  6. Shipper
  7. Engineers: for smoking machines for people who can’t smoke it
  8. Mechanics see number 7
  9. bagger


  1. License approver
  2. Proper living conditions
  3. Psychologist: because they have hear the prostitute problems
  4. Secretary: you know this is going to be needed
  5. House keeper: they be need to be paid a lot more for anything messy
  6. Bed makers:
  7. Material checker: don’t tell me to go in to detail
  8. Lawyer
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Being Ideal and/or relatable should be moments part of the character not the complete character. The sad part is not everyone can agree with the change. They are not even taking into consideration they just do not want it because that will damage vision they had for that character. Here is important part that can’t be that way forever. If it is that way it is kind of tragedy.

Most Ideals or parts the make that ideal character change over time, because there is a chance that they may be wrong now that we realize it.

Being relatable varies from person to person. We can go psychological study on each character and how they may effect certain person. It is like ink blots. As character grows they may like the image that you thought of them. Instead of reminiscing of the past and marvel the changes, we have thought that they were are the ideal that is preferred. Instead of questioning the change aggressive behavior has been default option.