Robotnik And Eggman Affiliation Order

This needs sorted out. Before i start removing and inserting I need explain before the difference between both groups. Robotnik Empire is composed of robots from the genesis era 90s TV series and the Fleetway comics. While Eggman Empire is composed of the Dark Legion,which is now Dark Egg Legion, and robots after Sonic Dreamcast and the Sonic X series.

Robotnik leads Robonik Kingdom and Eggman aka Robo-robotnik the one from alternate reality leads the Eggman Empire. Iron Queen, Iron King, and Snively worked in both factions. any Metal/Silver Sonics were created by both unless count the Fleetway comics. I need to state this in the forum so anyone inserts any character will know which side goes where. If there are any questions please ask. In a further note is Kingdom of Robotnic mispelled. I need to recheck the books to see if it was spelled that way.

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Wait I thought Robotnik died in an explosion of his own creation and then Snively awakend a clone of him (the clone being Eggman) from a hall with like 20 or 30 diffrent clons of him. So what's this about Eggman being from another dimension I thought Nega-Eggman was the only Eggman from another dimension

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@BlackArmor: In the Archie comics there are others. Eggman aka Robo-Robotnik aka Robotnik 2 is from another reality the same reality that cyborg sonic is from. When Robotnik died in endgame Robo-Robotnik took his place. he seeks to takeover Mobius Prime. He either seeks a challenge as he already kill Sonic before he was born and the Acorn Kingdom or want to make sure his victory is his own and no one but his. Nega-Eggman at this time is at war with the Zone Cops. In short Robotnik prime is dead Robotnik 2 took over his world and killed his Sonic2 by Robotnik primes knowledge now wants to takeover Mobius prime and defeat Sonic Prime.

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@Hazlenaut: Thanks for the info I haven't read sonic in a while

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Yeah, in the comics, the Robotnik we see now (commonly called Eggman) is different from the one in the beginning of the comic series. I learned that from the Free Comic book day issue of Sonic the Hedgehog.