Project Deadly Cuddles

In issue 231 Eggman send out the Tails Doll to keep the Freedom Fighters busy. Right now Cream is holding it and she thinks it child toy dropped. Anybody wants to guess what it can do.

We are all aware of the internet meme of the tails doll. fans making it a hellspawn. Tails doll was use in the internet comic Sonic The Comic. It was under the disguise as well but they came mass produce.

In the Archie Sonic the Hedgehog it was drop along with Titan Metal Sonic in order to keep the Freedom Fighters busy.

I will try to find a better image of him later

Posted by MrDirector786

I need to get 231 soon... so Tails Doll is in it, huh? I wonder if it will have demonic powers. :P