Gary and Blue/Green Oak Distinguish and Development

The sequel from Ash and Red blog this is the Gary Oak and Blue/Green Oak. This is comparison of these two characters that are very similar. If you see the images from above and made mistake stating these two are the same character well this is what this blog was made. They both are suppose represent the rival character in the Pokémon Red and Blue games. This blog is to help distinguish them and perhaps rolling the ideas for the future.

Gary Oak

Gary Oak he is well known for his cocky attitude and being step ahead. He has gained 10 badges and was willing to gain one more just to show how awesome he is. He is one of most well known characters in the animated series. He provided motivation to Ash to be better just cut his giant ego. Think about it. As characters go I thought he was done right. His development grew from being overly cocky to acknowledge that he can be bested and learn to be humble about it. His fight with Ash was done he leaved and followed the steps of his grandpa. The age of getting profession in that world is a lot sooner due to the limited life expiration expected.

Blue/Green Oak

Blue or green, this conversation has been heard so many times before Blue follows the serious antagonist that we are well acquainted from several anime series. He was tough stoic with no nonsense. He has shown to be a tough trainer as he second place in the Pokémon league. May I remind everyone again that Pokémon league was rushed and no other characters were established other than the main ones. They were nameless character that get brushed off which is lower one hit wonders. Their tournament was not that tough. He also taught yellow to battle the elite four. I hope most of that training was off screen or missed a good portion of that training. He helped Red a lot because they know when to get their differences aside. He is level headed reasonable which is a rarity in Pokémon universe. Another to distinguish him from Gary is that his eyes are like color of his name. Must I remind everyone that Pokemon Adventures is a manga where it is mostly black and white but the cover?

The Talk of Following the Source

Pokemon Adventures Fan base Hypocrisy can easily scene when comparing these characters. People talked about the animated series not following game continuity as the does not follow it but Gary does follow game continuity. Green/Blue doesn't and you didn't whine about that. The rival character in the Red, Blue and Yellow, which also Fire Red and Leaf Green games suppose to one up the player. As I point this out I would give thought that you may have forgotten. As I make the thread of the game cannon I like give thought to stir for the previous blog. I am ok with deviating for new twist but acknowledge it.

Adaption Question

When there is going to be adaption with both these characters they have to be related since Professor oak is their grand pa. This will also ask the question who gets the little sister that is rumored that like either protagonist Ash or Red. She has not appeared in either animated series or pokemon adventures but has appeared in manga Electric Pikachu. Her name is Daisy Oak and there is little information about her. Hopefully if there is an adaption she gets more attention. However she will need to take massive change in her appearance she has younger than 10 but you couldn't tell from the image you see from. Yeah the Electric Tail Pikachu series is more preferable to get the edited version. I swear the next series should have characters look like their actual age and who are they trying to fool it is already hard enough to think you can get a master's degree at age 12.

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