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I'm about to start watching


You have a huge future ahead of you. Your dedication is 
ludicrously laudable. Keep up the great and zealous work!

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New t-shirt.
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Personally the video review is not my thing, because it is weird to me watching a video about someone talking about something you have to read.  Many of the video reviews on the vine I don't watch anymore since they are so unpolished. Yes I do enjoy the sites Trading views, but I do enjoy your videos since you get better all the time.  I guess that is why I don't comment as often, because these reviews are natural to you now. You obtained it with dedication and the drive to accept creative criticism and improve on what weakness are pointed out, that is very mature of you.  I agree with Catpanexe that you should keep up the good work, since you set the standard of these video reviews, there are so many now and yours are the bench mark that many still have yet to raised themselves too.
So nothing personal if I don't comment every week, but you don't need my approval, I'm a different demographic altogether. 
I hope the other reviewers take note to the song this week., you may be their needed blueprint.  "May be your going to be the one..."

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You pronounced Infamous wrong!! LOL 
Good job on the reviews though 

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Has anybody noticed what a lot of t-shirts this girl shows?
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cool stuff