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Posted by Liberty

You guys are great as usual.   Loved these reviews.

Posted by Illyana Rasputin

I've been meaning to pick up the latest issue of I, Zombie. Great reviews!

Posted by EdwardWindsor

Izombie sounds intresting i may look into that , cheers for the good work as always dudes

Posted by sora_thekey

Avengers Academy was weird for me because I bought the issue 5 without reading 4 so I was very disappointed that I don't know what happened with Osborn! Still the issue is a good story...
Did you guys know that Hawkeye and Mockingbird writer, Jim McCann and Birds of Prey writer, Gail Simone had that same debate over twitter about who would win in a fight between Bobbi and Black Canary... and I put it all on a blog post... Check it out!

Posted by MTHarman

Ive noticed that you two are big on i Zombie, is the series worth getting interested in? 
Anyways, sorry for the late response, really, really, really busy. Multi-tasking is a pain but fun in a way. I like the way you two are making your videos, more fun, interactive, and on point than G-man and babs, or maybe its just that I haven't seen their videos much more often. 
All you need is an updated editing software, some awesome catchy soundtrack, explosions, ninja's, and you two are all set, maybe without the ninjas and explosions. 
Anyways, I'll be making one huge video I believe of the top ten most creepiest characters and possibly one of my most favorite characters in history for my birthday, I just put up one halloween special review known as the Bar With No Name.  
Posted by N7_Normandy

Good reviews.  One thing I noticed about the review of Avengers Academy is that you left out a very important part: that his mom called whirlwind about where they were.