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I love it DC represent!  I saw a Batman shirt a Harley Quinn shirt and Superman pants!   Sweet.

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Great reviews!
Please next time warn me if Lady Gaga songs are playing, it is like kryptonite to me.  My mind shuts off and I feel pain as well as weakness.  It is not your fault, just please warn me next time. :D
You sold me on the Tiny Titans.  JASON TODDLER! BTW the music was distracting in that video, but you still sold me.
Keep up the good work.
- Silkcuts

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The X-23 series seems to be really cool (haven´t read it but flipped through it), but I´ll wait for the trade.
I´m curious about Kick-Ass 2, my shop has difficulties with their delivery so I still don´t have it...
I friggin´ hate Carnage, that´s why I can´t read the series!
Good job!

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I have been reading the X-23 series, but I agree with Aspenite, I will wait for the trade. There's just something about trades that take the urgency out of collecting.

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Cool reviews and please keep up the good work!   

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wow... awesome stuff guys
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I bought Carnage, and wow am I extremely pissed that Marvel decided to use a writer who never knew who or what Carnage was besides being a Symbiote, and that the only resources he used was Maximum Carnage. 
and I hope that they make another Kickass movie seeing that there's a part 2 
Great reviews by the way, and early Happy Halloween 
I think you might like the recent issue of Action Comics by the way.
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You Know What Really pissed me off about Bruce's Return....Batman Inc.