Video Reviews for the 3rd week of June 2010

  Starring: Haydenclaireheroes and HarleyquinnHawkgirl 
If you guys have any suggestions for issues or end songs or whatever just message me. 
Also tell us what you think.

Posted by Caligula
I haven't read any of this series, and from the looks of this issue I think it was a good move. 
Another series I haven't read, and won't read. Because I hate Charmed, but my Fiancee loves the show, so she'll probably pick this up. or more have me pick it up for her. 
Ultimate Avengers
I haven't been reading the Ultimate Books lately. but Being that Ghost Rider is involved in this I may pick it up. ( I'm a bit of a Ghost Rider collector ). And from what you showed here the art looks amazing. 
The Outsiders
This review was hilarious because of the blaring classical music, and HHG yelling over it. it made me laugh. But next time maybe turn the music down a little lol.
and I liked issue.

 New Avengers
the Indiana Jones theme was awesome here. I think it really fits the subject matter. I think this is the first Heroic Age book that I actually liked.
Young Allies
again great use of music the ghost busters theme rocks. I haven't read this issue, But i have contemplated picking it up. after watching this review I think I'm going to get it. I kind of like seeing a team come together slowly, and instead of jumping straight into it. Your argument is hilarious btw. I love that fact that both of you have really strong opinions, and it really helps seeing two different view points much like G-Man and Babs. Great Song at the end too.
Tiny Titans 
I loved this review. I don't think it's a waste. your over-the-top imitations of the characters is great. I like the art. I like these interpretations of the characters. X-Babies is awesome too. I mostly read these series for the art. Especially X-Babies the art there is great. I'm an artist so it's always fun to see another artists take on characters.
This was a great issue, but I'm probably not the most trust worthy judge on Bat comics because I love them all. the Techno Zombies are awesome!!! (also thanks for playing one of the greatest songs of all time No Doubt's "Im Just a Girl", and it fits Stephanie Amazingly, great Choice HHG)

 Ultimate X
Like I said not really been reading the Ultimate Books. and from the way it looks here I think X is one that i'm still not interested in.
Hellbound has been great. one of the few X-Books I have been enjoying recently, between this and X-Force they are the only two books keeping my X-Faith alive. I also love Pixie in this issue.
Awesome reviews this week!!!
I'm Glad you guys did so many. I love watching these reviews in my free time. Please keep up the great work. And as always ways the quality is improving every single week. Also the music on the show is awesome.  Keep posting and I'll keep watching.
your dedicated fan,
Posted by MTHarman

Must be stressful making all those videos, I can see how tired your partner really is. 
Anyways, X-men second coming, is it an awesome series?  would you recommend it?
Posted by harleyquinnhawkgirl

Second Coming is definitely an amazing story. It has different stories to get into and I myself am enjoying so I think you should check it out.
Posted by EdwardWindsor

i pretty much agreed with hte ultimate x review , its early in series so its gonna be mostly setting stuff up stlll thou. I still think team has promise providing they cna work more on tem dynamic etc . The issue did seem alittle dark but the mutants are ilegal thou right in ultimate universe, so they arent gonna spend alot of time out where they can be spotted currently.

Posted by Aspenite

I liked your reviews! And I liked the music in your videos but at some times I thought it was too loud, I had some problems understanding you. Maybe you could tune it down a little bit? Otherwise you did great :)

Posted by Illyana Rasputin

I really enjoy your video reviews, guys! Keep up the great work!
Posted by jlat89

good stuff, keep it up

Posted by MTHarman

Really great reviews, but what made you get the Tiny Titans though? 
I agree with the Ultimate comics Avengers, it was a drag, usually I would wait till the storyline is finished before reviewing a single comic, like I should have done with the SHED storyline.
Posted by sora_thekey
Her-oes #3: Not interested in this title... 

Charmed #0: ...
Ultimate Comics Avengers 2 #4: So far not much has happened on this series but since the team has been assembled then this issue might be a better filler than the past issues... Funny how the music didn't match! The reason there's an Ultimate U is for people like me who likes Bendis writing Spider-Man as a teenager... other than that... not really.
Outsiders #30: Another title I don't read...
New Avengers #1: I read this and all I can say is that it was a good introductory issue... even though not a lot of things happened. Can I just say that Victoria's Hand appearance was good for me since I became a fan of her character during Dark Reign and Siege!

Young Allies #1: I want to read this because of Araña... She's like one of the 3 Marvel characters that are Mexican... I don't care what you guys say I will read this :P and yes Araña is very cool!

Ultimate X #3: This series seems to be there just to introduce characters... nothing else!

Second Coming: Hellbound #2: Second Coming has been awesome, but I haven't read tie-ins!
@Aspenite said:
"I liked the music in your videos but at some times I thought it was too loud, I had some problems understanding you. Maybe you could tune it down a little bit?"
Yeah Aspenite is right the music is some what loud and it's hard to tell what you guys are saying...  
Great reviews!