personaly I liked them all

Posted by EdwardWindsor

New Avengers for me is one of best marvel acrs at the moment i cnat quite crasp why i like it thou. Its art is good but not previous xforce arc qualit and its writing is sometimes scrappy i feel yet it draws me in.

Posted by Aspenite

I think that ASM can only get better after OMIT. Wasn´t a good arc at all, maybe the worst since OMD.
Iron Man shines. This series is really sucking me in! Love it.
Good job!

Posted by MTHarman

Maybe its the artwork, but I remember onetime I used to say, "Im not a Green Lantern fan" until I started reading Sinestro corp. Honestly, its the artwork and listening to Kalmah ( some european dark metal band ) that made me said, "Im a Green Lantern fan". 
NIce reviews by the way, cant' wait to see your next batch of new videos. 
And still think that Mary Jane and Peter should have stayed together.