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I always taught Hack Slash was an adult comic book

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you do love thast spider girl lol. Iam still not sure about current xmen ongoing mainly becuase the whole vamps are a kind of mutant thing just bugs me alittle. I suppose its not much different from nightcrawlers dads race of demonic looking mutants but i still prefer demons and vamps etc to have supernatural origins.

Posted by Aspenite

I think Invincible Iron Man really has no action lately but nevertheless I did like this issue. The art is amazing and I loved to see how Pepper was glad being Rescue again.
X-Men was a great issue, especially the end was fantastic!
Good job you two! I´m glad you´re back!

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Great job guys and keep up the good reviews. 

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Did Youtube members come at you like bloodthirsty monsters when you said something wrong in one of your reviews?