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That's a pretty sweet item, especially at that price. Would love a review on the S.H.I.E.L.D. dvd, that sounded pretty sweet.

Nice job on the unboxing!

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Not a big Thor fan!? Have at thee!

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Yea i would like to know whats on that SHIELD dvd also.. The set looks really dope tho..

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My set is the mail as we speak. Ordered from Amazon for $150. Can't wait!

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Yeah, I don't want this for two reasons

1. I don't have a Blu ray player

2. I already own all of the movies on DVD, except for Iron Man 2...which I don't want.

Cool review thought, thanks for posting, and Thor's Driver's license is priceless.

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@kilomac29: I am planning on doing an actual review for Box Set this weekend