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The Flash and Earth 2 are my favorite DC titles.

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Nice very nice..... Kinda hard to talk about it without listing the comics you posted. I don't want to do that because then people might not want to watch the video. =)

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@manchine: You can talk about some of the titles =)

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I think green arrow is EXTREMELY underated then probably nightwing & batwoman with animal man. An for marvel probably hawkeye & thor an def ultimate spiderman

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Savage Dragon from Image

I recently read an issue of this and it was awesome and quirky. Eric Larsen (who created this ad apparently has written and drawn it for longer than any writer/artist to be on one title) has created a very interesting world here. It's entertaining in the most simplistic way yet it feels quite different from anything I've read or seen.

If you're looking for a new superhero book, one that's simple, heavy on action and characterization, and genuinely something unique and different in its own way, I'd say check this out. Even if youre just interested in something new and tired of the same old characters. I say check it out. i know ill be reading more.

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Good video as always. Question, do you visit and or use comichron dot com? I honestly think Wolverine and the X-Men is doing very well maybe even better than Hawkeye.


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@m3th: No sorry I don't. I just judged the titles on how much I hear people talking about them through the comic book community.

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The Massive........