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Superb job!

Posted by ReadItNow

Ya the meeting of Michone and Rick was awesome. Next weeks episode... I just can't wait!

Posted by turoksonofstone

Your dog sounds mad. Great review.

Posted by haydenclaireheroes


She was trying to go down the stairs. After the video I put her down, and she was happy. LOL

Posted by kuonphobos

@haydenclaireheroes: Nice video thanks for your thoughts.

I think Rick couldn't quite tell if Michonne was alive or not. Given his state of mind and all.

I wonder if what happened to Michonne in the comic between her and the Governor is now gonna happen to Maggie?

I really hate Merle and not necessarily for the reasons that the writers want me to. He seems cheezy and over the top. And given that he is not an original comic character (that I can remember) he seems to be stealing a little of the Guv's thunder.

The tv vesrion of Andrea isn't working for me either and I totally agree with your thought's on the relationship between her and the Guv. Really seems forced. So far there has been very little of the Guv's psychopathy/sociopathy revealed and it is starting to bug me. Maybe it will come out in a big reveal of some sort.