Posted by ImFatBatman

For what it is I enjoyed it and will continue to watch it. I believe it has the same voice actors from the original series which is a good thing. I know most people wont agree with me and get upset because Young Justice and GL arent on anymore and this is on but it is what it is so why not just give it a chance.

Posted by Beast_in_the_Shadows

You at least gave it a fair shot, which I imagine is more than most in the older demos did.

Tho to say it is raplacing YJ or GL:A is unfair. This show was announced long before wither of those shows cancellations went through. If anything this show is just filling the void left by those shows (or attempting to) The only way this show could be seen as even slightly responsible for the demise of the others is if the network execs were hesitant about cancelling the other two because then they would have no DC representation. Then they could say, well we have this new show coming so we don't have to worry about letting these two go. However, if their decision on a shows fate was that close, I doubt a new show coming down the pipes would have been needed for the show to get cancelled.

I do agree that this show will not do a good job or picking up the audience those shows left behind. Although I personally didn't Like Young Justice at all (tho I saw every episode hoping it could change my mind) It is clear that if it was a show someone enjoyed, when it was gone they would want something similar to it to get the same fix.

I feel this is more of a marketing device by CN to test the waters. They tried a number of times to reach a more mature audience and for what ever reason they felt that none of them were financially successful enough to keep them going .Sym-bionic Titan and the new Thundercats both suffered the same fate as the two you mentioned, being that they were put in long hiatuses and then cancelled with no real announcement simply that they never showed up on the next seasons line up and never addressed after that. It may just be that CN is giving up on marketing to this audience with their shows. Adventure time hit it off will older viewers, but i think that was more happy accident rather than intention by the CN execs.

No, this show may very well be CN's way of seeing if their superhero shows work better for their younger viewers. By work better, it just means makes them a profit/effort ration they are more satisfied with than the past shows couldn't achieve (not to say the other shows were bad, but that they didn't meet CN's needs regardless of their quality or audience)

However, as this show is, it's not merit-less. It's cute and had a handful of funny moments. I was never much of a Robin fan so I rather enjoyed the moments when he came off as a bit of a jerk. Raven seemed a bit more darkly mischievous in this show than she was before, which was a bit jarring but if handled right could be amusing.

In the end, it is a fair show at best, but I personally hope it does well as it could lead to better things. After all this show only came to be because the "New Teen Titans" shorts did so well. Perhaps if this show does well enough a more legitimate revival of the first Titans show could come into being somehow. It is a longshot, but Teen Titans was really the last really successful (by a marketing standpoint) superhero show that CN had, and it was only canceled because at the time CN had just changed management and the new uppers wanted every show to re-pitch themselves along with all the proposed new series. If this show does well, it might be enough to show those newer execs that the franchise still has a fan base and that a revived show could bring them numbers close to what the old show had.

Anyway, I'll probably follow this show out of curiosity (like I had with YJ) simply because it only takes a small amount of effort out of my week. I don't have high expectations for it, but sometimes simple amusement is enough.