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You wanna know how he got the scars?

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no. Part of his greatness is that it doesn't matter his origin what matters is that he is chaos now and for the rest of his life the man he was born wasn't the joker the joker is a completely different entity.

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Nah, mysterious is always great to have.

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Cop out nope no gif

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No. Definitely not.

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No!! He's at his peak when he doesn't have any origin or backstory. You make one up for yourself or just let him make theories for you. There's a reason he's translated beyond just a comic villain, and the reason is no origin story!!

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we don't need another "maybe" origin for Joker, only origin I think that counts is Killing Joke.

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To know the origin of something adds to the appreciation of its existence. To know the biological mechanism of how each of us came to be from our parents is mind blowing and highlights the amazing qualities inherent in nature, evolution or God (depending on your point of view). It comes down to the kind of person you are : those that like magic and mystery or those that like facts and feasibility. I like to know, I hate not having an understanding as it makes me feel ignorant or naive. I have to console myself with the possibly valid notion that there is not many, if any, writers that could do the true origins justice, OR, the origins would be restrictive on any further character developments. This is only my opinion and as always is probably incorrect.

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Someone like Joker should never have his full origin revealed thats how Wolverine's cool factor was ruined he lost the mystery of his character. I'd hate for Joker's to lose that mystery to him the fun thing about his origin as readers we get the chance to interpret it.

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Should We Know Joker's Origins?



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No, he's the definition of chaos and mystery

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Hints or possible origins (like when the joker tells different stories of how he got his scars in TDK).

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No never.

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In a world where a writer existed that could tell an original, fulfilling origin for something has devious as the joker, yes. But I'm sure that it would be disappointing, so I prefer things the way they are.

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Absolutely not. Never more than little tidbits of possible origins (such as the Joker musing that things happened one way or another).

One of the least appealing things about Snyder's Zero Year right now is that he's actually showing the Joker before his accident. That really takes away from my image of the Joker and the amazing precedent set by The Killing Joke.

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no, because people are expecting something mindblowing and that will never happen. people tend to forget he started as a joke character.

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no, I can think of over a dozen origins for the joker, (shared origin for joe chill, abusive father at zoo, distraught wife, mob member with accidental dip, mob boss dressed as Red Hood, etc etc etc.) and the thing is, I liked it like that, the constant origin replacement by him, as he tries out new origins to see he reaction. but its never the real origin, I like it like that, never a confirmed origin, just a bait ....

I never want to know his real origin,

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I think it is too late. His origin may have to be a mystery.