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I think there's potential. After all Batman is confirmed as being in his 40's for Superman VS Batman. They've also confirmed that he has been Batman for a WHILE and that lends to the idea that others have followed in his footsteps.

I say a Batgirl film could work, but only if they don't try to directly have Batman in it. Make it its own thing. Sure there would have to be SOME connection, but not where Batman is in the movie as much as Batgirl.

Perhaps have Barbara being curious about the urban legend of "The Batman", with her curiosity only increasing once her father starts investigating him as well. Then maybe like a friend of hers gets kidnapped or killed, or just something to give her into being a vigilante. She takes on the mantle of the Bat to investigate outside the law, with Bruce deciding to see what she can do, even giving her a few clues as he continues his own investigation.

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Nightwing should get a movie first....

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I can think of a thousand characters who deserve to get a movie first

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If nightwing can't then why should she

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Not before nightwing and robin

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yes...LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOng before any robins solo movie. but I can think of a few that deserve it first but not many that haven't been tried

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I can think of a thousand characters who deserve to get a movie first

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Absolutely. Can I think of any characters, that deserve it more?Only Nightwing or Wonder Woman and I would still be very happy about Batgirl getting her own movie. She doesn't get enough credit, she is more iconic than any female Marvel super-heroine.

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It'd be nice to see Barbra become Batgirl in that Fox GCPD show, but a movie is a bit too far. Longer down the DC Cinematic Universe line, though, it could be totally possible.

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It'll probably be another Catwoman movie though, although there is an online series based on Batgirl.

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Nightwing has to have a movie first

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They can't even get a freakin' Wonder Woman movie right, I have little hope for Batgirl.

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I wouldn't mind seeing a Batgirl movie, but like everyone stated, I think it would be best to introduce Robin or Nightwing first to expand on her character more.

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A Batgirl movie isn't near as bad as people wanting a Loki movie... But I still don't think she should have her own movie. Maybe in the future when (or IF) Warner Bros is far into their... "Universe", then she could have her own film.

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Eventually. But I'd love to see a Nightwing movie.

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Not Before Wonder Woman.

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Babs got her start on the small screen, putting her on the big screen makes sense to me. Especially if it spins into a sort of GCPD/Birds of Prey sprawling cross-over franchise okay calm down fo, calm down.