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I think you disliked the movement more than I did and yet I also thought the 2.5 was the right score.

Is not even as we spend much time with the Captain for the corruption, actually the opposite, the police actually looks like the good guys is just that there was one single bad cop in the entire department for all we know

Btw Freddie Williams II wasnt on WF, he was on Captain Atom, WF was drawn by George Perez and Kevin Macguire

Posted by kilomac29

I could be barely comprehend what was happening in Hawkeye #10, and still loved every minute of it. You're right, that cover is amazing. I really enjoyed Francavilla's interiors too, really set the mood for the whole story. As much as I loved the issue, Ill admit, Iwas pretty weirded out when Kate made out with the bad guy. (huge age gap)