My Top 10 Comic Book Series (video)

I did not have a chance to do video reviews this week because I had midterm to study for but, i did have the chance to make a video of my top 10 comic book series. So, here it is and tell me what you guys think of it.   

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First, love the shirt.    I appreciate that the music volume was relatively low so it wasn't too distracting.   Really can't offer any input than to say this was good.  You are comfortable in front of the cam so that is a good thing you seem natural and at ease.  Not many people can do it.   
OK, well, you really had a lot of energy for this, and it came out great!   
Just to add--Power Pack is still cool.
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I love Bad Girls! Great vid by the way.
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Ha, Top Tens always gains interest when making Youtube videos, gotta do one myself one of these days. 
Heres my Top Ten Series 
9- Marvels 
8- Justice 
7- Amazing Spiderman in the 60's 
6- Thor in the 60's 
5- Jonah Hex 
4- Lex Luthors Action Comics 
3- Marvels "Acts of Vengeance" 
2- Green Lantern 
1- Thunderbolts 
May not be in right order, but it's my top ten favorite comic collections. Nice video by the way. 
I uploaded another one about the villain of Batman Arkham City, Hugo Strange 
So if you ever get the chance to play the game and would like to know who he is, then there's a breif video about him. 
and...I do have a request, do you have a top ten villain list?
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On a technical side, massive thumbs up! You've nailed the lighting and sound in the video, keep doing your videos like this one.
I might look into Morning Glories as well.
All the best, keep up the good work! j

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Fun vid! Good job! 
The *THWAK* of the books hitting the floor is such a tickling sound! *LOL*

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