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OK, I watched the Flashpoint Issue #3 review. Sounds like Superman is getting quite some attention in this series. It must be a great read, a lot of positive buzz about it. Was going to pick these up but my LBCS was impossible to get to due to a local College game over the weekend! Sora_theKey recommended this as well, so glad to know DC is doing great with their titles at the moment. Good review!

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It's great to see the actual interior art of select pages - this is a real problem with comics in general: you can't judge them by their cover, some of the interior art is really lacking but a good artist is hired to do the cover, arrgggh! 
IMPRESSIVE to get the essentials about the good and bad of each issue quickly, so I can decide if I need it or not - thanks! 

I miss Tony and Sara's vids - is it just the bad economy putting a crimp in the budget?