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Those are nice recommendations and all, my only question is what if I don't want to read any superhero comics. I been coming here to these from an outsiders perspective to see how the comic world works. I don't often see people recommend something other than superhero comics. I asking as a mostly manga reader, what kind of comics are there for those who don't usually want just purely superhero comics.

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Good recommendations, but I think you should've touched on the process of finding good series a little more instead of just listing stuff you like. You're not the only person guilty of this. Almost every newb guide consists of "Let me reccomend you some stuff" You talked about it a little when you brought up trades which is good. But you couldve gone into more depth on trades vs monthly and the pros and cons of both.

You should've also talked about other things like the importance of finding a writer you like. A lot of newer readers might not give the writers/artists a second thought and just focus on the character. But when that writer leaves, they might get stuck with a bad series. Just my opinion.

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Posted by haydenclaireheroes

@blackwolf0925: If you want to read something other then superhero comics I suggest reading Indy stuff. Go to publishers like Image, IDW, and Dynamite.