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Posted by castleking

i should have gone to the comic shop but so lazy. i really like your vid blogs.
hope to hear what everyone else got.

Posted by haydenclaireheroes
@castleking: I am glad you liked it. I can't wait to hear what everyone else got also
Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

For me I got Super Dinosaur Origin Special on behalf of Image, Young Justice/Batman: Brave and the Bold Super Sampler on behalf of Johnny DC, Amazing Spider-Man and Captain America/Thor: The Mighty Fighting Avengers on behalf of Marvel and Atomic Robo/Moon Girl/Foster Broussard on behalf of Red 5 Comics.  I wanted so much more too so I really had to take time to decide on those.  I made some actual purchases too, 3 trade paperbacks: Superman: Death of Clark Kent, Superman: Exile, and Superman: Last Son.  Unfortunately I had to pay cover price on all three, lol.  It really bites I think regarding the 5 issue limit because personally for me I think it should be a circumstantial rather than democratic thing in that those who are there earliest should get the first crack at everything.  I know, lol it defeats the purpose but its just my personal philosophy and I rather liken the five issue limit to reserved parking: it should be a 'first come, first serve' basis.  I'm still happy regardless though!

Posted by yeopop

You got plenty of things for free.
Posted by shawn87

Im surprised you haven't read the House Of M story arc. How far back have you read in Marvel? Civil War? Secret Invasion?

I was too lazy to go out on Free Comic Book Day
Posted by haydenclaireheroes
@shawn87: When House of M came out came out  I did not pick up a lot of comics or at least as much as I do now. It depended on the story arc and if it was good enough
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It is always neat to see what others get.
looks like the limit average is 5, I went to one store that was 7, but the selection left was bare. 
I missed the heroclix this year, but I'm a Kyle fan anyway, so I am not too upset.
And you are right, Free comic book day is a win for everyone.
People get a gateway with little to no commitment, while the industry gets to promote their products in a friendly environment.

Because TCAF happened the same day I couldn't jump to store to store, so I went to Stadium comics, where they go all out, with a sale and artist alley.  I ended up wearing this years official shirt to get the back signed by artist I admire.

If I never mentioned TCAF to you, it is the Toronto Comic Arts Festival and its like a Giant artist alley.  So at TCAF I got Darwyn to sign the front and met more creators.  May 7th was great this year.
Posted by haydenclaireheroes
@Silkcuts: The Toranto Comic Arts Festival sounds fun but it was too bad that you could not go to a comic store for Free Comic book day
Posted by Silkcuts
@haydenclaireheroes:  I went to two stories, one in the morning and one after TCAF, but normal FCBD I hit up a lot of stores...lol