Arrow Deconstruction: Thea Queen/Merlyn

It’s no secret that my favorite TV show on right now is Arrow. This hiatus is killing me and I thought it would be fun to talk about my favorite character on the show, Thea. I will be discussing her development, training, and where I would like to see the character go in the next half of season 3.

I remember being very excited when The CW announced Arrow back in 2012. I’ve been a huge Green Arrow fan since the character’s first appearance on Smallville in 2006. I followed all of the news leading up to theArrow pilot. One of the first things we learned about for the show was that Oliver was going to have a sister. The description for her character sounded very similar to the comic book character Mia Dearden, especially with the reference of her nickname being Speedy. I am a huge Mia Dearden fan so I had a lot of hope for Thea’s character even before the pilot aired.

The first episode aired on October 10th 2012 and there were already a plethora of references showing that Thea was destined to be more than Oliver’s little sister. Oliver frequently called her Speedy and the set designer put archery trophies in Thea’s room.

Season 1 continued and sadly the writer’s didn’t know what to do with Thea but granted the writers were still trying to find their footing for all of their characters. Thea had to be pushed to the sidelines. For the first couple of episodes of the season Thea wanted Oliver to open up, and this was truly impossible for Oliver. Oliver had done so many bad things while he was gone and he didn’t want his sister to know about that life. He wanted her to remember who Oliver Queen use to be, but Thea still tried to poke into Oliver’s business.

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