Sha: Battle for the Mantle Hayden

"She’s coming too…” Hayden’s eyes opened and she happened to catch the eyes of little boys and girl’s.   Sitting up while on the ground, she looked around, from the looks of things, she was in a rundown community, glancing up she could see where the wealthy stayed, high in the heavens.   “Hey…do you remember your name?” Hayden shook her head violently, when she stopped; her whole reality changed, she was sitting high above the heavens on a mountain surrounded by two spirits. One was Zephr a Ninjan God, whom was credited with creating Ninjeta, the other was Current, a Ninjan god credited with creating the Ninjan universe. “Time for judgement to be pass on the one we called Zithinia, also known as Hayden Miles.” Hayden was bound to the chairs, at first she was scared, but as she realized this was a decision on her soul, she slowly relaxed. “Can’t say I’m happy you see you hags again” Hayden said with a smile on her face, this warranted Current to smack Hayden right across the face. A huge red mark appeared on the face of the Ninjan, but she shook it off in the form of a laugh. “Please Hayden, do not; anger Current, her very wrath will turn your soul into a cesspool of anguish”. Zephr said trying to come to a compromise with the young Ninjan.   “Who’s to say it isn’t already? Hayden responded looking at the ground. “Why is it that us Ninjans are created the way we are!? We’re beautiful creatures, who feel incomplete, we feel ugly, we feel like there is nothing that can satisfiy our lust for betterment”. Hayden said doing her best not to break into tears. Neither of the two gods had answers. “Back on Earth, I met a wonderful man, and we had a daughter together, but my own insecurities, made me feel like he’d hurt me…so I killed him and…I loved him.” Hayden said finally bursting out into tears, this was always where Sha and Hayden’s differences could be seen, Sha entered a total breakdown, Hayden was fueled by rage and fear. “And think about Ziccarra, leading a life like she has, surviving everything she went through only to be beaten by her own thoughts, thoughts that you   two cursed us with! If I could get out of these binds, I swear I’d write my name with the blood from your bosoms!”

Current stepped forward, this time with her hands behind her back. “Hayden, I’m going to give you another chance at life… on a trial deal, however these are your restrictions; One you cannot kill Feral Nova, and Two you cannot leave this universe.” Hayden smiled and then relaxed again, “I don’t have anywhere else to go, and as for Nova she isn’t worth my time…I have a little girl I haven’t seen in years…”. “It’s settled than, Hayden Miles…your life Force has been restored”. Hayden felt her Ninjan strength coming back to her, “Right” and with that she broke the bands on the chair she was in and then punched Current right across her face.   “That was for making us weapons, before women”. With that Hayden flew from the heavens and back down to Earth.  

Several Days Later

As her orange hair lay drenched on the top of her head, she sat in the middle of the road in a steel chair eating a bag of Ritz cheese crackers. The very persistent Chaos Black had tracked her down to the middle of nowhere and she was waiting for her. Hayden knew the moment her life force appeared on Earth she’d have a target so she knew running was useless. She took her index finger and ran it across the roof of her mouth she then glanced at the orange mesh on her finger and then stuck it back in her mouth.  “Ewwww…” a little girl said just watching her. “GET YOUR LITTLE ASS OUT THE STREET” Hayden screamed startling the girl. The rain drops smacked her cranium with the velocity of a penny, she looked up as they came down and said to herself “One day I’ll even destroy you!” She could sense CB in the area, and she was pretty sure she knew that she was there; she wasn’t stupid, or was she. Hayden had fought her before, but she lost thanks to the help of Michelle Stanford; however she did hear about CB losing to Darkchild years back; so this meant this Chaos Black wasn’t as strong as they made her out to be.

She knew she was going to have to kill her finally this time no running. She stood up tossing her bag of Ritz on the ground, and kicking the chair backwards she slowly began walking over towards the McDonalds. Her sense told her that where she was, her air manipulation allowed her to check for changes in the Density of the atmosphere and all seemed like it should be except at the McDonalds, there was an indention in the pressure. She took off in flight towards the area. One thing about fighting Chaos that Hayden had come to terms with is, there are no limitations when fighting the beast, she wasn’t Ziccarra or Sha, she was created from thoughts of pure evil, so that’s what she knew.

She approached him from behind; As Hayden drew near Chaos begin to speak. “You can’t save her…When I find her I’ll eat her soul and then   spit her carcass to the dogs.” Chaos said talking about Zariah. “As for the city no one had swagger like me...So I took it upon myself to escort their souls into oblivion!”. “You sound like a corny video game” Hayden said with her hands folded. Hayden could see Sha’s fruits of insanity; a beautiful Blonde woman with a sincere heart, thought she was ugly, so her thoughts transformed her into a beautiful green haired woman, with a heart full of ill regard.  Chaos smiled and then folded her hands and began floating. She had been free for a good 5 months and no one attempted to stop her reign of terror in the Northwest part of the Country resulting in the deaths of thousands. Hayden Looked around the McDonalds and then got into her fighting stance, She grinned very sinisterly and then shook her head. Finally she spoke again “It’s a Shame…Your fate will be decided on the Greasy Floors of a fast food joint…”   She was sounding a bit cocky which she shouldn’t have been because, last time the crossed paths Chaos kicked Hayden’s ass easily, but Hayden was always a glutton for punishment. She figured this time would be different…and she was going to see to it that it was different. Chaos’s wings expanded; the beast then let out a scream and tackled Hayden to the outside in the rain. Hayden caught Chaos and flipped her behind her throwing her into the Mcdonalds.

The rain picked up drenching the Ninjan’s body however she was using a heat veil that kept her body temperature regulated, so the rain would not affect her powers.  She finally managed to regain her breathing pattern; she stood with both her hands balled up as Chaos reemerged from the debris. A huge blanket of thick smog came her way but was pushed westward thanks to her wind veil. The rain had flooded the space between them; she could see the concrete lillypads emerging from underneath the water. “This girl is tough as hell, but soon she’ll slip up and I’ll capitalize.”  

Wiping the hair from her face she took the time from this brief intermission to glance around the area, she never really thought about why this city had been abandoned.  One she’d have to look into if she managed to leave this fight alive.   Her Ninjan ears caught the sound of Chaos chanting some sort of Black magic spell. Hayden fired her energy at Chaos, but the beast flew into the air evading the hit; she then began to fly back and forth shooting various forms of energy at Hayden only to have them repealed.  One of Chaos beam’s slammed into Hayden pushing her further across the   muddy ground, but Hayden got back up. She smirked and wiped the blood that had formed in the corner of her mouth. “Alright let’s see what you’re capable of…”

A huge explosion came from Chaos’s body, She was drawing her powers from Nova; from the last time they fought her flames had changed in color the once bright orange and red mixture had turned to a dark red and blackish mixture.   Hayden took note that Chaos’s flames were actually melting the very concrete she stood on. Chaos let these powers manifest and finally when she ceased there was a wall of fire about 150 ft in the air. “Time to throw in the towel!” Hayden said pushing down with her Sonic energy to propel herself out of the way. The young Ninjan’s retreat saved her life, as she looked back and saw the nuclear-like explosion that followed. “Looks like there’s a lot of work to be done…Hayden way” flying towards Ferrum City.

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