• Date joined:2008-06-06
  • City:Farwick,Ninjeta
  • Gender:Female
  • Alignment:Evil
  • Points:0 Points
  • Ranked:Currently Disabled

PowersShape shifting (Hayden can change into anyone she's ever come into contact with).

Fire Control (She can turn her whole body into fire)


Ninjan Super Strength

Electrcitity Control

Ninjan Keen Eyesight

Ninjan Durability

New Powers Coming soon


Water based attack* turns her powers off

Using a huge amount of energy

Sonic energy.

Shape shifting, If in a form for too long she stays that way


Hayden and Gwen Starks

Hayden Miles (Zithinia Silek) was born on Ninjeta to a woman named Zyana Silek, through means of asexual reproduction, Her mother was a wealthy politician within the Royal Class of Ninjeta, making her a member of the “Royal Family” When Hayden was a mere 8 years old she was ranked amongst the top ranked fighters on the planet. Hayden was an average student in school, she really had a hard time with the material on Paper however, and she was able to recite her answers out loud. When Hayden was Nine she was finally able to meet the Royal Class Princess and the Princess of Ninjeta, Ziaccarra Liafador. Hayden and Ziccarra both became the figureheads of future Ninjan Prosperity, backed by Ziccarra’s impeccable mind for politics, and Hayden’s mind for war strategy Ninjeta seemed to be on the for front to becoming a galactic power. Ziccarra’s father Derrekken leader of the Ninjans had brought the Ninjans out of war with the Aquarians and into the post Prosperity age, where culture was beginning to flourish, however talk about a reform of the government loomed over everyone’s heads causing people to think with fear and not rationality. The Province of Farwick hosted a “Dark sovernity” tourney to showcase the skills of the classes. Gylour Filler (The only other man on Ninjeta) was the sponsor for the Noble Class, he sent Marisol Montez into brutality Hayden’s Sister Ginger, in turn Derrekken, told Hayden to destroy Marisol, Hayden failed in killing her, and however she did manage to put her in a coma. These acts made Gwen defeat Ziccarra in a brutal manner, which then made Ziccarra’s sister Zellena defeat Mikayla battle with easy.

Hayden Miles

The rift between the noble and royal class became visible, The remaining two Classes, The Celeste and the Sigma’s were trying to work ways out to quell the growing fued, however nothing seemed to work. Derekken and Zithanana, had been around for many years, growing tired of politics, they stepped back and allowed for young Ziccarra to run the planet, this prompted the Nobles to strike at them letting a girl who wasn’t even 100 yet, run the country. The nobles pushed for Ninjeta to be made into a republic, and an Free Market economy so the Celestics could have more say in the government, The sigma’s and Royals were against this reform idea, so Derekken hired both Marisol Montez, and Gwen Starks to kill Gylour Filler, what he was completely ignorant to, was the fact that Marisol and Gwen both favored the Noble class. Gwen and Marisol, refused and then headed to Mt.Fuego to a mass an army, while Gylour voted; his vote changed Ninjeta from a Monarchy to a Republic.

The Noble army, lead by the very young Gwen Starks, marched into the city of Celadon and engaged in battle with the Royals, Marisol was able to gain the upper hand and using an ice Crystal, hinder the powers of Derreken, which allowed him to be captured. Gwen did not want the dishonor of killing the king and queen so she made, Ziccarra do it, however right before their deaths, both Zithanana and Derrekken channeled their energy somewhere else. Ziccarra killed both of them and then was exiled; Hayden on the other hand was forced into slavery, where she was tortured.

1 of 3 punishments.

Hayden was sent to a Sigma training base in the gueran province, where she would run a series of 8 “Punishments’. She was forced to live the life was a house maid by day, and then forced to run a gauntlet by not, she was taken into the Sigma city of I’fat. The city was used for a war training facility, Gwen lined up 5 of the most notorious Sigma generals for Hayden to fight, the plan was to kill Hayden however, they could not, Hayden just wouldn’t die, day after day she would get beat and spit on, and whipped and drowned in water, however her spirit was just too strong. Every day, Hayden came home she was supposed to clean the home she stayed in, wounds and all, however the person that she was living with did not make her do anything, in fact she helped Hayden hone her Ninjans powers, teaching her how to read people fighting styles. She also showed Hayden, how to fight when surrounded. As time progressed Hayden proved to the sigma’s that she would not be defeated, so Gwen amassed a army of those whom had been jailed, and tossed a knife into the mix, The rules were simple whoever was the last person alive would be given their freedom. It took Hayden no time at all to slaughter the army, Shortly after, Gwen allowed Hayden to leave I’fat, but the torment had only begun.

2 Punishment Vs Zellena.

A Ninjans powers can be enhanced in 2 ways, through battles and through a process called Aestemulation, which means that for 5 years the body is in a state of “Limbo” while everything else around you ages. Hayden had beaten the best of the best in I’fat, which meant her experience and toughness had increased significantly. Hayden moved back to the city of Celadon, where she was labeled a criminal and a traitor to the Ninjan Republic. These opinions didn’t faze her though she had faith that Ziccarra would return from exile and free her from Gwen, believing this faithfully, she bided her time. After 3 months of peace and solitude, Hayden was once again called upon by Gwen Starks, Gwen had come up with another punishment for Hayden, and she was to be locked in a room with a fully powered Zellena (Maria, Sha’s Twin). Zellena, too was believing in Ziccarra to come rescue her, Hayden knew this as well this was why it was so hard for the two to fight each other, in the end, Hayden struck a few pressure points, which made Gwen believe Maria was dead, Gwen was fuming with Anger but she decided the best way to end Hayden Miles was if Marisol did it.

3 Punishment Mt. Fire

6 years had passed since her fight with Zellena, and Hayden had lost hope of Ziccarra coming back to rescue them, she had been locked up on Mt.Fire for 5 years, hooked up to a machine the drained the Xechcellum from her system. Marisol Montez came into finally kill Hayden, when reports of a group from earth emerged on the mountain which made Marisol hurry back to the Surface, Hayden was able to break free, and steal a space pod, tracking the signal from the team that arrived, and followed them back to Earth.

Hayden Miles – death

Hayden on Earth

Hayden Antagonized Sha over the course of 3 weeks but finally decided it was time to eliminate her. Sha met Hayden at Monroe Park; however Sha didn’t want to use her powers against Hayden because it would give away her Location. Sha fought Hayden without using her powers and was overwhelmed by the Ninjan assassin. However Sha managed to escape and since Hayden Miles used her Powers Sean smith and Jasmine Cole were able to find her. They took Hayden Miles into Custody; however When Jasmine realized Hayden Could find Sha. She reached a deal with her and decided that Hayden Should temperately is in the SCHA. Hayden miles Accepted and her job was to round up the SH. And Find Sha.

Hayden Went to Terrible Lengths she destroyed people and buildings and blamed it on Sha. The public grew weary and demanded Sha be captured. Hayden Kidnapped Maya and her Mother and Demanded Sha Give herself up.

Sha had been back into a corner being alone was killing her so she decided to give herself up, however Hayden made plans to kill her. Sha showed to up turn herself in and Hayden instantly tried to kill her. Jasmine tried to intervene but was overpowered by Hayden. Sha Remember that she was told to protect the world and herself. She decided to fight Hayden with her Powers. Sha and Jasmine Cole was able to defeat Hayden and sent her away to zone 6 a place they made especially for Sha , however When mandrake invaded earth she was released to help Sha.

Hayden in the Civil War

During the Civil War Earth pressed for legistration that would make the superheroes register their real names to the government, some agreed other’s didn’t this brought the two factions into a head on collision, Hayden was vengeful towards Ziccarra claiming she forgot her own, heritage and what’s more she forgot about Both her own sister and Hayden and came to earth to prance around as…SHA” while Gambler was making his exit, Sha attempted to stop his departure, however Hayden was not interested in Gambler or the war just “Sha” she attacked the Ninjan Princess and knocked her into the ocean drowning her.

Seeing that Sha was now dead, Hayden went off to explore various areas of the world, most in

particularly England, There she met a man named Rolando, he was a everyday Patron at a diner she was working in. Hayden never thought she’d be attracted to a man, much less a human man however she did and they made love quite a few times, but she ended up killing him, for the sole reason that he made her feel vulnerable. Hayden stayed on earth exploring various things until she was confronted with a blast from her past in the form of Marisol Montez, Marisol and Hayden fought in Paris, France, however Hayden’s enhanced experience gave her the edge, and she was able to stab Marisol and push her off the Eiffel tower.

Rolando and Hayden

Gwen Lopez landed in France, and using a restrainer she was able to lock Hayden’s powers, sending in the SSX to contain Hayden she managed to send the Ninjan into the Zone 6, an endless pit. After certain events in space that Hayden was exempt from, Mandrake an intergalactic space Pirate, known for destroying worlds, invaded earth with a new foe, called Blood Type; He had one goal in mind, to absorb the earth’s life energy and use it to power his own universe. Shane and Solace was not match for the duo, not even Jasmine Cole was enough help. Gwen saw that she had lost all hope, found she had one hope left; Hayden Miles. Hayden had dawned the name Smackdown, and charged into battle with Shane, Solace and JC to defeat both Blood type and Mandrake. Both pirates retreated back into space; Hayden eventually followed them and joined them, forming a group known as the ministry. This team was composed of: Calor Corazon, Kyoko, Cosma, Omega Sin, Candice Nitro, Lord Sha, Shadow Sha and for a brief Period of time, Utada Nakasume and Marisol Montez.

Hayden sensed a mystic energy coming from where Ninjeta used to be so she ventured out to explore the energy and she found Ninjeta, and which made her madder, she found Ziccarra running the planet.

Hayden on Ninjeta

Ninjeta was struggling from a falling economy, The Starks Regime, had gone on a military tirade and conquered the surrounding planets, leaving the resources and supplies low. Sha implemented various plans some failed only one worked, however just when she was hitting her stride as a leader, Hayden Miles returned to Ninjeta. Hayden originally was banned from entering the Farwick, province because of the terms of her exile, however she sparked a plug with the commoners about how Ninjeta should actually be ran.Sha knew leaving her on the planet would cause too much turmoil so she planned to have her captured, however Hayden was one step ahead she had people working within the Ninjan Elitist system giving her information on moves and ideals of the government. “Hayden” was in the Province of Chase, giving a speech on the improvements of the Ninjan Empire during the reign of Gwen Starks and excited the people. However Sha, got the sigma’s to arrest her, a scuffle broke out between the Supporters of Hayden and the Sigma’s prompting to handle Hayden on her own. Sha called the “Meeting of the classes” allowing all of the Ninjan Social classes to speak their opinon on how the post-Starks Society should be ran. Sha spoke first and reminded the classes of the time period in which her parents were in power, and how prosperous everything was. Her plan for the country was to take it back to that way of living. Many of the people were with this plan until, Hayden herself spoke. Hayden’s intentions, were devious, Sha knew that however she couldn’t put the tail on what exactly she was doing.Hayden Verbally attacked the lack of experience Sha had, saying she was on Earth so long that she had “Grown” out of touch with her fellow Ninjans. A strong point that many took into consideration; while judging. Over the next few months Hayden and Sha both spoke out as to what direction to take, however the two never met face to face. While Sha was busy trying to end talks of reform, Hayden had amassed a small army and attacked the Aquareians, (a water breed of Ninjans) . Hayden’s small army was massacred, but this was what she wanted, The Aquarians came above the surface and began to attack small Ninjan villages and such. Sha could do nothing about the incident, because she had no way of actually attacking the Aquarieans. Hayden on the other hand, went down into the depths of the ocean and massacred them herself; once again appealing to the public. Finally the planet took a vote and Hayden won by the slimmest of Margins. Hayden was elected Supreme Chancellor of Ninjeta, while Ziccarra became head of the Sigma army. Ziccarra didn’t like handling the Sigma affairs so she quit, which prompted a good portion of the army to quit. Hayden wasn’t having it so she decided to charge Sha with Treason. No sooner than the order was given a war broke out. Sha’s army quickly took hold of the Farwick capital; however the final battle came down between Sha and Hayden.

Hayden managed to defeat Sha, and commenced with imprisoning her, looking for ways to punish the earth for the Ninjan exclusion act. She sought help in the form of Gambler and Darkchild, historically two of Sha’s illustrious foes. Within months the Ninjan and Earth were at war with each other. At the end of Sha and Nova’s epic battle Sha gave her life to save Nova, Hayden managed to take Ziccarra’s body and escape the planet fleeing to earth. She buried sha in the dead see then, stole her identity. She then killed Sha’s daughter Matia, to complete the look. Not everyone was convinced that Sha was alive, Maya knew Hayden was prancing as Sha, and she in turned did it herself. The Two Sha’s fought on an island, where Hayden defeated Maya, when she was going in for the kill Gwen came to save her daughter and banished Hayden to Zone 6.

Hayden was freed by her sister Ginger, and decided to live a relaxed life in Africa, however she returned to action to fight Feral Nova, in the KOV but she was killed.