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@Sleepbutnodream15: i know there are so many characters so it makes to have different teams with different characters and a different plot.

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@Sleepbutnodream15: i agree completely with the first half of your comment because bendis has confirmed to be using new mutants and there needs to be another book so the separate teams get focus. this will most likely be the remains extinction team. and in my opinion there should be only be one uncanny book and it should be uncanny x-men, one of marvel's longest running books until 2011 when it was cancelled and then relaunched and then cancelled again. but i like bachalo's art because he was doing the art for one of my first issues of x-men so it's kind of nostalgic though i can see why you wouldn't like it, it is a little chaotic.

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Best X-men week ever my first comic book series and favorite comic is coming back. I didn't think it would be too long before it came back. And Singer has the X-film under his hands again.

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@Mutie199: You are so true Scott is my favorite comic book character and to see everyone want to kill him is wrong.

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@jcbart: you are so right. If it were anyone else they would completely screw it up.

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I loved that Scott killed Xavier. Xavier's first student and almost his son is the one that killed him. Great moment for Scott and Xavier. Scott will still be my favorite character in all of comics even though he killed his mentor. Also why is it that when Jean was taken over by Dark Phoenix all her friends stuck by her and yet before Scott does they all turn on him? I read the issues and all but that kind of upsets me that everyone would turn on him and not on Jean.

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this actually brought tears to my eyes. God forbid Wolverine from being on 1 x-men team before he really joined. If i bought the first issue i would actually set it on fire . This basically saying the original team (Scott,Bobby,Warren,Hank,and Jean) werent the first which pisses me off since that is my favorite team and i was hoping this would somehow bring them together again. If i were to run marvel comics first thing i would be to cancel this then followed quickly by killing off wolverine.I hope true X-men fans wont pick this up and it bombs!

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always stay to his side he'll never see you

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well at least we know which character jason pefers since scott's blasts should be making wolverine fly in the air

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i think the x-men line up will be jubilee storm warpath psylocke and domino  
new mutants cannonball warlock cypher dani sunspot and nate grey 
uncanny has already been reveiled cyclops danger and magneto  
and i give a rats butt about generation hope
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