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This just keeps getting worst. Bad idea on top of bad idea. Way to go Marvel!!! Bravo!! Just when I thought things couldn't get anymore convoluted and just plain stupid, they continue to lower the bar

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Blindfold. and they should do some stuff with that

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@mcklayn: Maybe. In one interview it was said that Rob Liefeld had originally planned for Cable to be a traveller from thousands of years in the future who journeyed back to our time to combat specific menaces that threatened the future of the Marvel Universe, intending Kang the Conqueror as chief among these threats. To support this Rob reveals, in Prophet/Cable #1, that Prophet was originally intended to be a police officer from the future sent by Kang, a warlord in his era, to bring back Cable.

I remember in the End of Greys storyline,Uncanny X-Men #468, Rachel wonders why the Shi’ar missed Cable when he carries the genes of her mother’s clone.

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@oldnightcrawler: Funny you would mention Cable as he seems to be the most cliché and hardest to place in a team as it is. I was just going through some old stuff and came across some interesting things about his origins. Rob Liefield never intended (I don't think) for him to be Cyclops and Maddie's child in the 1st place. Even his early designed armor bears a striking resemblance to Reed Richards fathers armor and that's not the only similarity. I know it would upset X-fans and kick the complex into overdrive but imagine if they did something about Cables origin and took it back to what I suspect it was truly meant to be?

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@lordofallhumans: Now that's a strapping good yarn my friend!! Have the Xmen commit near genocide and let the world be really and truly afraid of them and not just because they are different. Talk about a change...they'd definitely be all outlawed

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@koays: That would definitely be a change for the Xmen and Inhumans to just basically go to war over a place on Earth. Like I said it opens up so much from the differing factions stand point. Also in line with the conflict there would be a constant realigning of the other teams like Avengers etc. Much like how differing nation support or oppose the Israelis and somewhat Palestinians depending on the latest circumstances. Adding in the conflicts with the Kree(inhuman creators) and humans not as the focus but still underlying could make for some interesting things. Plus if this were to play out these types of issues would also bolster the importance of the Uncanny Avengers being that they would have representatives from all groups and would deal with threats to all and possibly could function as an Illuminati working behind the scenes. This could really be the next 10-15 years worth of storytelling.

I would have to admit though that I'm not really keen on this. I feel like the Inhumans could have great stories separate from the Xmen and should not be pushed into the xmens place. Also I'm not really a fan of switching the hated and feared humans vs mutants thing because I still think there are plenty of stories that could be told and things that could be explored on a deeper level. Adding the Inhumans just makes things crowded and really an ongoing war between them and the mutants might get just as boring and tiresome as the ongoing neverending conflict between Is real and Palestine. I mean everyone is sick of them and there's been a frowing sentiment that we should nuke the whole area and blow them off the map because it would never stop. To have the Inhumans and Mutants fighting over who should be the next victim or who should be the most hated and feared would be the equivalent of the old rap verse where the artist talked about slaves on a slave ship arguing about who had the biggest chains.

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@koays: I like the Israel-Palestine comparison. Lord knows I've been over there enough to know that thing will never end. I also like that you're being realistic in painting the xmen as the villains, which I would hate to have happen but that's Marvel now. This also gives the xmen more factions if you will as you pointed out. You could Xtra still trying to peacefully coexist and police the mutants who are causing harm. Uncanny could be the ones being more aggressive in going to war. And bring back Astonishing or adjectiveless and have it about those who decide to stop being earths heroes and find a home off planet. Lots of different philosophies and clear divisions between books. Now That could be interesting

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@koays: What would have to happen for it to be game changing in your opinion? And how would it change?

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It also had no effect on the xmen in Uncanny when they were right in it. So.... I guess inconsistencies at its best

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