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@tigerkaya: I happen to be a fan of both Xmen and Avengers. I've always hated it when Marvel tries to elevate one over the other. The Onslaught/ Heroes reborn thing was ridiculous. As was AVX and most of the rest of the amalgamated junk we got with them. In fact the only thing I would have wanted different was Civil War which could have combined them in a profound way to tell the story.

The idea of the Xmen being in a separate universe like what you mentioned about the heroes reborn thing actually doesn't sound terrible to me.

But really no need to insult x-fans. I mean your rants sound like you're a little butthurt hypocritical twat. As a fan of Marvel I'd prefer it if they did nothing to alienate Xmen fans, Fantastic Four fans, Avengers fans, or Spiderman fans since losing all of one group (Spiderman, Avengers, Xmen) could hurt Marvel altogether. They can coexist but some of these stupid writers who are in love with making heroes fight each other don't have the sense or the foresight to make that happen.And that goes for both groups. The Xmen hardly have any villains anymore and they are just busy fighting each other. The Avengers are doing the same thing. Overall that whole approach is tired and stupid. What they are doing with the Xmen is ridiculous but equally ridiculous in my opinion is what's been done to Captain America in changing him, Ironman is done wrong all the time, and a female Thor as if its a title and not the actual name is beyond stupid. And let's not mention the FF. Its really a rough time all around for Marvel fans. So really instead of lobbing insults at each other we should be trying to do something about Brevoort and his minions

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@overseer: So kind of make them like GOTG or Star Trek?

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The Avengers now have become so big that I broke my teams up....

Avengers- Captain America, Thor, Ironman, Hulk, Ms.Marvel, Wasp, Scarlet Witch, Black Panther, Vision.

Secret Avengers- Black Widow, Hawkeye, Spiderwoman, Songbird, Winter Soldier, Daisy Johnson, War Machine.

Mighty Avengers (street team)- Luke Cage, Falcon, Monica Rambeau, She-Hulk, Cloak, Dagger. (also I debate with myself about this all the time but for a real street of the people feel, characters like Daredevil, Thing, Sue Storm, Reed Richards and Spiderman actually fit the bill and could be fun with the others.)

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@cattlebattle: So the fans opinions about what's crap or not shouldn't matter. Come on man. I know its fun and cute to sometimes play the contrarian role and not agree with the majority and all but you can't seriously be hanging tour hat on siding with such a weak editor like Brevoort.

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@koays: It did have more of an xmen feel to it considering those arcs

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@cresshadow: Yea I know what they said the reason for the merge was, but it was unnecessary. Not saying the book is bad because I think it was one of the best books out there. But There are enough Xmen and enough Avengers out there that you can tell meaningful stories without merging the two. Also it could have been named something else. Hell maybe this concept should have been the All New Defenders or the Avenging Xmen for that matter

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I think if you want nostalgia and to build on some recent developments, it might make a little more sense for Maddie to get with Havok instead of Cyclops.

P.S. I officially now wish that Hope was a Phoenix Force/Goblin Force clone of Maddie. That could be interesting

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This is part of the problem. Everyone has this notion that the Avengers are the big leagues now. Why do they have to mix? Why cant the Xmen stand on their own and be relevant? We dont need anymore mixing and Xmen joining the Avengers. Funny that no Avengers come a join the Xmen. Keep them seperate and if they work together let them do so in a team up for an issue but not as an ongoing

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I hate to try and answer this way but.... who knows, we have to wait and see. Which seems to be all we do lately since nothing really happens and then months of build up get erased by time-travel, so i dont blame the OP for trying to make sense of everything quickly. But the reality we dont really know what is going on right now