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The pacing is horrible

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I happen to like both runs on this one. My vote goes to Remender who I happen to think is one of the en best writers out there.

Remender's Xforce was awesome with very few low points. Its too bad that the stories from that run are only continued in what is considered an Avengers book. I favor the more dark stories and Uncanny Xforce does that. In fact I feel like you get a better understanding of Apocalypse in Remender's run. Also this is the best depiction of Wolverine as a leader, not that Aaron Schism crap about kids and all. Of course I have to knock the inclusion of Fantomex. Absolutely a waste. Cable or Bishop would have been better. If I need a Frenchman type I'd go for Gambit. Weapon Omega could have fit this run as well as Magik. Deadpoool I could take or leave.

Gillen's run was largely underrated in my opinion. I also think he was railroaded by the event. I would have liked to see him doing the revolution and continuing on Uncann rather than Bendis. Gillen's Extinction team is still one of my favorite concepts and in my opinion wasn't given time to run its course. In fact I wish we could somehow get back to that concept at least with replacements for any who wouldn't be down for the ride. The best part of Gillen's run though was AVX: Consequences. And while the concept and premise was on point and much better than the pointlessness we see currently, the execution was a bit lacking. I think he did a great job with a fairly large cast. I mean a nine member team? Geez!! But his run just felt so important because it set up so much and felt like the backstory, tie up loose ends type book that can give you a good understanding of things going forward.

All that said, just in terms of concept and execution as well as character development, I have to go with Remender. In fact in my book not many could stand up to Remender by those criteria. Gillen is solid and should still be writing x-books. I'd love to see what his concepts would be for the revolutionary team now. I'm actually looking forward to his upcoming Angela series. All in all both are good books and both are enjoyable

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@selina_sublime: I've been saying forever that we need to reduce the number of titles. All the books go in all these different directions and its just become quantity over quality. More is not always better

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@koays: Lol. I agree especially about Aaron. Maybe you can put him against Austen but who knows. Morrison and Bendis are both bad but like you said Bendis hasnt messed up except with the Goldballs thing-ridiculous. But Bendis whole run could have been covered in a solicit. Waste of paper

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@koays: Dammit Why?!!!! LOL. You dont make this easy at all!!!

To me this is a battle of the classic rock and hard place. Im not too much of a fan of either writer. I know some people swear by Morrison but Im not that impressed. I think things get stale and when somebody comes in with the big "change" word people get all excited. Hell, Obama used that as a slogan and when you think back not many people knew what the hell they were voting for, just "change". Just because a writer comes in to change the status quo doesn't mean its always for the best.

Morrison had a bit of a faster pace and introduced some decent things in particular imo Emma Frost more so as an Xman. That he expanded the school a little was interesting as well. Though with him and even with the subsequent writers of New Xmen with the squad system you have to wonder if introducing so many new characters at once has not served to water down the product with all the redundant power sets and all? The trickle down effect may have put us in the current state of so many characters being in limbo now as it is and the feeling of overcrowding when it comes to the Xmen. Aside from some of the good that Morrison did, I have to bring up or at least mention killing Jean Grey. That was bad. The creation of Fantomex and The World was horrible and still something that plagues the x-books to this day. And the Xorneto thing as well as Cassandra Nova the dead twin sister of Xavier-astral-parasite-edge-of-shiar-space -alien-entity or whatever the hell she is, was all bad.I we cant seem to get rid of the silliness that is Quentin Quire.

Ive outlined my thoughts on Bendis so much its getting tiring. The guy is more concerned with trolling the fans and putting his little stamp on things more so than good and sensible storytelling. The pacing is horrible and his little creations are a joke imo.

If I must choose between the two i will go with at least who will tell a story before I actually die of old age. I'll vote Morrison. But they are eerily similar and both overrated in my opinion. Morrison's the lesser of two evils but only by a little bit.

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@dman1366: Agreed.

This is a prime example of what I mean when I say needlessly convoluted.

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December?!!!! This pacing is ridiculously slow and unnecessary. Its not like the interactions are soooo good that you dont notice. Most of the issues are just filler and it feels like Bendis is stretching what could have been told in 1 or 2 issues into now, what 4 so far with 3-4 more to go. I'm sure the upcoming annual will drag too. What a hack!!!!

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Yeah. Marvel Now has not been the best era for the xmen. The unimaginative stories on top of the inconsistencies coupled with a writer who seems hellbent on drastically changing everything and putting his so-called stamp on it instead of just plain old good storytelling, has been a problem. At least for me.The constant reliance on all these half ass events is sickening as well