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I hope they introduce CABLE!!!

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@zdub327: I totally agree with you, from issue one of uncanny it was said Scott was going to protect mutants and start a revolution.... Neither of those things happened, in fact nothing happened, I really hope the new writer does better as well, bendis was great on daredevil and with miles, I really loved days of futures past it was one of my favorite movies in the last couple of years. Singer is great

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Bendis is the worst IMO, the dude wasted like 40 issues of uncanny, I stuck around for 35 of them bc I i love the x-men and just kept fooling myself that the next issue would finally make progress in the story..... But it never did! Instead every issue was lame new mutants who were always freaking out over really dumb stuff... And hearing how the revolution was coming, but never did... And then I got so sick of everyone calling Scott a murderer for killing Xavier, but these same people welcomed Jean when than chick destroyed entire star systems! But he kills one dude and he is the worst thing in history... The dialogue was so bad every issue.... The list goes on and on... I think Bendis should probably just come out and admit he had no story at all and he wasted everyone's time and money.

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Everything about this screams something we have not seen before and I for one am very excited, affleck looks so massive and menicing, his bat voice is great, deep,powerful, and the best part you can understand it!! This is straight out of a comic, this is what comic movies should be like and it shows that WB is finally getting behind their characters. This batman is going to be a true dark knight that will put you in therapy if you came across him

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Only twenty seconds but man did I love it, can not wait another 5 days to see the real trailer. What did you guys think? What do you think we will see in the trailer on Monday?

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Wait what new comic is Tim batman beyond? Also I remember that at one point in the comics Tim was the future batma and in one of the crisis batman beyond comes to save a hero and on the toys they called him Tim drake

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Bendis has wasted this entire opitunity to do,something great with uncanny instead it became a 30 something issue series had went no where, I dropped this book at issue 20 because I just couldn't keep paying for a book where nothing happened each month, I mean I gave almost two years hoping it would pay off and nothing, than to,see the revolution that Scott convinced these kids to join was nothing is the biggest F you to the fans that stuck around and put up with bendis taking his sweet time to tell a story about nothing... Rant complete

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I don't understand why people get so worked up about this, in the killing joke the joker himself says that he feels,his origin is multiple choice and even he didn't truly remember which ones was true, in zero year if you read the end it shows that the true leader of the red hood gang was killed, and no one knew the I.D of the man that fell in the acid, and it even says it could have be a patsy and that the red hood one was differnt every time so we have no idea who the joker is, I don't see how taken away the failed comedian and wife and kids takes anything away from the mystery that is the jokers true origin, because once agin he stays in TKJ even I don't remember how it actually went, there could have never been a wife and kid in his past, it all could just be a story he uses at the time

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Read some batman comics.... Than form your opinion

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Has anyone noticed what he is wearing? That look like prison scrubs... White T under the scrubs, very prison inmate uniform