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Chris Claremont !

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I am just glad to see bendis leaving the book, don't get me wrong I love a lot of his stuff, but I ended up dropping uncanny a few months back because it felt like all that was happen was filler issues, the story was so slow that every issue I was left saying "well that did nothing to progress the story" plus I hated just about every new mutant on the team, I love cyclops so I really wanted to love that book, but... Plus does marvel have any books not being writting by Bendis anymore, it seems like that dude writes every title now.

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I don't mind it and that end Scene was great, I'm sure Joker is not immortal but we will see, also some of you complaining about how Alan Moore made a story that joker was an ordinary guy and stuff, you do realize at the beginning of that book the joker himself says he sometimes sees his past a a man with a family but than he sees it another way and another so Joker has never had a true back story other than ACE chemicals, that's it, we truly have no clue what or who he was before Joker, that's why he is batmans greatest enemy he is the one question the worlds greatest detective can not answer.

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Hahahahahahahahahaaha is this real

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@anjales: I agree, I don't think we needed a month of mourning, I think the biggest thing that should have been dealt with throughout the DCU should have been the outing of his secret ID, and the implications from it. But instead it doesn't matter, yeah Lex connected the dots to figure out Batmans ID, but I would think it would be a pretty big issue.

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I understand the death not getting huge focus bc we did just have stories around Damian, but a hero having his secret ID released to the world should be a major issue in the DCU but in no comics except Grayson really is it mentioned, but not really dealt with, Lex figured out Bruce was Batman bc of Grayson's ID, but this should be a thing that almost all heroes should be concerned with.

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@rustyroy: yeah I read all that, I am up to date all the series , I just don't understand why the fact that his secret ID is not a big focus at all, I mean it's a pretty big issue, and a big sting to connect the rest of the Bat-families IDs to be discovered, like Lex finding out Bruce is Batman, so yeah just a thought that it should be addressed more in the on going series

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@nightwingism: I didn't know about the batgirl issue, I will check that out, I read the eternal issues, it just seems like the fact that dicks ID was outed should be a pretty big topic, I know in Grayson they talk a little about it but it seems like FE changed nothing but lex being on the JL, I don't know it just seems like it was a shrug and than on to the next story kind of thing. And I agree with you we probably don't need a whole Damian type of mourning but it would have been nice to see a little longer lasting effect on Tim and Babs.

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All story arcs are post forever evil, but not even just the mourning thing, no one in the DCU are concerned with Grayson was Nightwing the fact that it was released to the world does not seem to matter at all, and yet no one brings it up as fans, but when death of the family happened everyone pointed out that nothing changed.... Well FE changed even less except to allow johns to put Luther on the JL.

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No comics after Forever evil deal with or even state anything about the fall out of Dick Grayson being Nightwing and non of the Bat-Family even speaks about Dick being dead! I saw in Grayson that his ID was mentioned but no where else in the DCU does it seem to matter, and no one is even mourning his death, why do you guys think that is? Any thoughts? Or any issues that you know of that deal with the fall out of his ID being outed or his death?