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No you just prooved the inconsistency of Naruto. Thank u very much

My real trick was to get sumbody to show how this fight is impossible to really say rte now. And I meant unfair because the feats, whats on paper contradicts itself.

Why csn Kakashi with 1eye Kamui Bee etc but not Kaguya malfunctioning ?

Plothole era no jutsu

Besides tht its either weight limit or just plot device.

P.s How dare u and I mean how dare u try tht dimension running obviously Obito in Juubi form his prime didn't use Kamui so we'll just have to ssy Kakashi feats wise and still Kakashi with both Sharingans needs more feats. Its not even his chakra and eyes

Atleast Naruto Sasuke and Madara are incarnations haha

But not enough feats with Kakashi

The Hokages are not at full strength so thts why they didn't spam like they should've.

Gotta wait for more chapters

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Kishi feat wise & without the many retcons

Nagato admitted Jiraiya would have beaten him if he knew about the Rinnegan meaning Jiraiya would've snuck attacked the real Nagato ending the fight. Or used Toads to distract Deva Path while he attacked Deva Path.

Just assuming a strategy of course.

I think Oro is overrated I see u read my previous comment

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Kakashi & Obito haven't shown feats to BFR heavy things or a Susanoo

Just like in this week's chapter Kakashi said Kaguya's form was to big to Kamui. But Minato Ftg'd the Juubis TBB.

So obviously there's a wait limit for Kamui.

Plus like I said Infinite Spamming from Madara and Hashi would be to much for Kakashi & Obito just like when Juubito was fighting Naruto/Minato team.

And dnt forget Juudara is fast and cant use Amats at the same time Kakashi and Obito try kamui.

Its an unfair match.

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The battle would end the world.

Oro with edo army vs thousands of Susanoo Madara clones plus Hashi Wood clones plus Buddha Statue plus Meteor spamming, PS or Juudara uses I.T freezing everybody in a dream.

Its really unfair actually

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I reread thts why I put at full power

but like the other guy said Hashi is a edo on top of what I said

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For full powered rte now with all feats Hashi Madara team wins with OP Juudara Who was basically Kaguya as a man with more brains. He awakened I.T while Juubito was having trouble with 9tails Minato & Reg Tobirama. Obito only faught 9tail modes as Juubito

But Juudara was up against SO6P Mode Naruto and Sasuke. So Juudara is clearly superior

And Sage Mode Hashi wouldn't have Trouble against Sharingan Kakashi since he already faught Madara only difference is Kamui but he cant teleport the whole Buddha Statue of Hashi. It's not FTG there's a wait limit to Kamui

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Its either Hashi & Madara or NS

Come on now Obito cudnt beat Naruto, Sasuke barley Kakashi. Now Madara & Hashirama on the same team is better than Tobirama. NS are whoopin Kaguya currently without Kakashi.

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I believe Sasukes Rinnegan swap is faster than Kamui. Kamui has been avoided by a few. So it's not invincible. Sasuke wins

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Konan Obito barely won against her and they don't have knowledge of Konans power. Plus experience I mean she's in Akatsuki

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According to Kishis rectons Oro probably but in overall I pretty sure its an even match.

Only reason Jiraiya lost to Pain was because he had no knowledge of how the Rinnegan works but he knows Oro & Tsunade

plus dnt 4get Oro can't summon the Hokages just like thy he doesn't have the death reaper mask on him and the hokages would not be at full power they would be at the same level when Oro faught Hiruzen due to the fact tht if they're to strong they would break the edo I.e Tobirama & Hashirama. Plus we dnt know their primes because we really have no feats. I'm pretty sure all 3 were in their primes at different times. Even if u say Oro is in his now. The OP doesn't state he has the Reaper Death Mask meaning he can't summon the Hokages. Maybe summon something else though. But remember they all know each others moves