Old Prime and NU Bio


Code Name: Haven

Name: Cloe Starline

Monikers: Btch, Untrue

Title: Rising Crime Boss

Age: 16

Height: 5'10

Weight: 111

Hair Color: Red

Eye Color: Yellow


Vectors: six three meter arms each able to lift forty tons. Adding up to a 240ton strength max. The limbs can also go untangleable moving through objects as pleased. They can also work like an infection making a victem give birth to another vector user. They are near invisible and have enough durability to stop gunfire. Sharpness has shown strong enough to cut through most material with ease.

shape Shifting: Mimicing any features of a person as well as boosting her muscle mass if wanted. It also can be used to make claws from nails though not to strong. This can mimic every DNA factor, as well as leaves Cloe without DNA. Hers comes up as a mix that can't be made out clearly.

Skills: Almost a hundred percent undetectable liar, great hacker, good at reverse engineering, always level headed

Weakness: Still a mortal girl, no healing or anything

Transportation: Stolen cars

Fighting Style: Trained on streets shes got some moves. But preffers to let powers do the work. Is highly acrobatic however, allowing easy escape from many situations and moves in combat thugs didn't expect.

Haven Squadron: These are a series of men who have been given a cybernetic implant. A large portion of the mind taken away to make them completely obediant to whatever Cloe says. They are steroid filled beings who feal no pain and who would kill their children if Cloe said to.

Bio: When Cloe was born she was another to be target of the demon who dwelled deep in hell ploting the downfall of man. He possessed Cloe, but unlike another victem Cloe was never purged to this day she is a victem of his possession. Years have gone by butchering lives more and more with each passing year. A nameless serial killer roaming the streets of her home town that have done there best to erase memory of her. Especially after the events of a year ago, when Cloe killed her entire family in a sight of ruthless slaughter that haunts many to this day. Over the past year shes built a following of various brutes. A dr helping her make them her lap dogs, many don't know about Cloe.

What is known is that she shows no mercy or restraint using fear to further her results. Her goals only the advancment of the desires and ambitions of the murderous teenager.


Name: Cloe Futurus Aurorez

Age: 18

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 50

Eye Color: Brown often pink when disguised

Hair Color: Blue skin and head tails usually, hair often pink in disguise

Powers: Shape shifting, phasing, telekenisis, minor elemental mimicry(specializing in electricity), super strength, magic, wings

Weapons: Plasma Kataras, Solar Star a energy based version of the mace/morning star capable of becoming a small blade on a chain

Bio: Cloe was born of the Teres Morbith by Kayle's choice. The species died off almost a century ago before then however they greatly helped Kayleira become what she is today. As a result during the ritual that came with having a child with Naamah(or of its undecided lol) that while she should have Keresh and angel blood she should be of Teres race. She became under the tutelage of Naamah Kayle and Aza during the time shaping the Acolytes. Hex and Kayle spending another few years to specificly train the blue skined beauty in the plasmas.

Ariving back in the present Cloe was ready to be the future of a race presumed extinct. Cloe is an Acolyte of the Keresh who favors diplomacy over agresive actions completely methodical and inteligent in stark contrast to some of her friends and family. A smart and clever girl with a impresive talent of talking herself out of anything. She's self preserving and a people pleaser trying to be ready to be a queen of a revitalized people.

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