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This is one of the worst trolling jobs ever done to a character.

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Meh, this whole concept seemed rather forced from the beginning so I checked out.

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The idea of Thor becoming unworthy is ridiculous.

Let alone from a dirty little secret whispered into his ear by Nick Fury.

We've had five decades of stories proving Thor's worthiness. If he were to do something unimaginable or despicable to precipitate his unworthiness I could see it, but this entire concept that the Marvel brass have dreamed up is rather childish.

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@fifthchild: LOL I'd leave it alone. Sometimes the simplest explanations can be taken entirely out of context.

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This sounds heavily influenced by Quesada and Bendis. Fits their style. "Hey once we've established something let's tear it down somehow only for someone to rebuild it again six months from now!" And then rinse-lather-repeat a year from then.

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Because "Gods" imply that their origin and power is of magic, rather than simply being an extra-terrestrial race. If you're telling a fictional story about gods it's exactly that. Fiction. Either way we could argue about this all day Marvel have already established the Asgardian corner of the MCU and I don't see a dramatic change in the third film.

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It started out horribly but became halfway decent toward the end of the season. The dialogue is rather atrocious, though.

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@nwgzsjuwhm96y2 said:

@powerherc: No. Just No. Thor was blocking hulks arm with one arm. The other arm of thor was on top of hulks. He tryid to calm hulk. He is as strong as hulk without mjølnir. He is much more durable. Hulk can get harmed bad by someone who is on his streght level. Hulk punched thor in the nose and what happend ? Nothing. MCU Thor without morals can kill hundreds of frost giants with ease. Loki is a frost giant too and hulk only made him bleed a little by crashing him to the ground. Thor made a crater with diameter like 1 miles. Thor is minimally 5 times more durable than hulk. He can hit hundreds of times harder than hulk if he wants. If Hulk can stop leviathan and thor is nearly equal in physical strenght Thor is like 1000+ tonner. In agents of shield we can see how powerful asgardians are and thor is far above a normal asgardian.

Nah, Thor punches Hulk once bare fisted and barely turns him around, whereas a Hulk punch sends him hurling through some crates. It's pretty clear in the films that Thor without Mjolnir is probably slightly stronger than Iron Man, but with Mjolnir is approaching Hulk levels. As others have said, both Hulk and Thor are no where near their comic book counterparts in terms of overall power. Their striking power looks impressive at times but that's about it. Plus Thor is REALLY SLOW in the movies. I mean when you're slower than a towering behemoth like Kurse that says something.

Or another example is when he nails Iron Man with a left hook in their skirmish. In the comics if he cocked back and punched Tony that hard he should take his head off. In the movies it really didn't have much effect.

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You would think he would use the armor after he killed Uriel when wherever he sent him burned his arm.

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Thor Odinson is his name. That's pretty much the whole story.