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Mutual respect, but ever since the writers completely changed Stark after Civil War their friendship has subsided considerably. I'm sure Thor finds Tony arrogant and way overconfident in man made technology, whereas Tony thinks of Thor as some arrogant doofus claiming to be a god.

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@haveatthee: they done both Thor movies brilliantly.

The first one, albeit short, was solid. Thor at least had a character arc. The second film sucked hard. Odin did literally nothing, Thor was acting like a wimp all movie. The action scenes were edited and choreographed horribly and worst of all, Loki was the only one who had any kind of character arc in the film. I guess we'll agree to disagree but I thought Dark World really sucked for Thor the character. In fact I think Marvel probably wants to ditch the Asgardian side of the MCU in favor of a more conventional cosmic corner like Guardians of the Galaxy (especially if Guardians does well in theaters).

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@haveatthee: Loki took Odin spot so that wouldn't work . I want to do something more godly & include the other gods from marvel . So Gorr may be good so we can see Thor really cutting loose & see the different Thor's . Or someone so we can get introduced to the other pathogens & Hercules & the godheads so we don't just see Thor as some damn imposter alien . & then maybe can lead Thor next movie into like a chaos war movie or something more godly .

So you're saying because Loki is impersonating Odin that Odin should just be helpless? We're taking about the All-Father here and one who's more powerful than his own sons.

Besides, you wont see Thor "cut loose" in the movie. The most impressive scenes of Thor action were the Jotunheim battle and the Destroyer fight (that was way too short). Marvel does not care about showcasing more of Thor's power anyway. The most I can see Thor do is maybe call down some type of incredible lightning storm if the situation calls for it. I've sort of given up on the MCU Thor anyway, as The Dark World massively buried him.

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@haveatthee: His showings in infinity may not have been much, but it was more than other power houses got. Hyperion and hulk were both having trouble with members of the cull obsidian. Thor actually went toe to toe with thanos for a second.

Thor did go toe to toe with Thanos...for a second. And didnt seem to have any effect. His lightning in particular was completely no-sold. The Cull Obsidian were actually very formidable and Hulk had a pretty decent moment when he braced the weight of a supernova star on his back. All in all though - not a great day for The Avengers.

I agree, they were pretty much manhandled. Hulk, Thor and Hyperion may have had decent "moments" (Thor had the most visible ones) but Thanos was clearly amped up for Infinity. The only thing Thor did to Thanos was hit him hard and stagger him for maybe five seconds. Sorry but when you have three characters who are strong enough to shatter a moon, they should be able to at least threaten Thanos. I think fifthchild would agree that historically both Thor and Hulk have had infinitely more impressive showings, even against Thanos. It seems most writers today aren't well versed in the art of the superhero slugfest.

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Pretty damn powerful.

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His main weaknesses are magical/cosmic powers and his own hubris at times. It's the weakness of all big powerhouses that they are sometimes over confident in their own incredible strength and durability.

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Yes. He recently burned his arm pretty badly in the issue of Uncanny Avengers where he kills Uriel. In the last two issues his arm looks wounded but almost completely regenerated.

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Surtur, so we can actually see Odin do something in a Thor movie. They're never going to get a Thor move right so end it all in the third film.

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I recently had a fun debate with someone at a local comic shop about which Thor run was greater between Jurgens and JMS. I have the JMS Omnibus and most of the Jurgens run (still completing it). I just re-read the first 12 issues of the Jurgens run, and it was some of the most fun I've had in years. I remembered the Jurgens run fondly, and I wanted to see if it aged well or not. Holy crap does it ever. Sorry, but since Uncle Walt's legendary run, the next greatest Thor story is easily Dan Jurgens' take. Sure, Coipel and Djurdevic made better art than JRJR, but Romita's bombastic style fit perfectly for Jurgens' story. I highly recommend the run to those who haven't read it. Putting it next to JMS' is almost unfair, because JMS' run never really concluded and is a much different style of story. Though they both deal with Thor returning from apparent death and having to figure out what happened to the rest of the Asgardians. Watching how Jurgens weaved his story those first 12 issues was a real treat. Thor was juggling having to figure out what happened to Asgard and his family, his return to Earth alongside his Avenger teammates, having to live the life of a fallen paramedic, nearly dying and being a captive of Hela, and orchestrating a war to rescue Asgard and the Asgardians (including Odin) from the really powerful Dark Gods. Oh yea and he also teams up with Namor, Spider-Man and Hercules (a bunch) as well. The pace is blistering and the action dramatic. I also remembered how well Jurgens' threw in elements like how humans had become cynical about superheroes, especially Thor since he called himself a god. Considering how decompressed stories are these days, those first 12 issues in Jurgens' run contain about 30 issues worth of plot and action by today's standards.

Oh, and Thor fans, for those of us who have been forced to read through some of the dark ages of Thor between the Bendis and Fraction stuff, Jurgens' Thor is an absolute BEAST when it comes to battling and being a warrior. God blasts, anti-force blasts, energy absorption, weaving through dimensions at will and overall strength, durability and cunning.

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