What if and Could be..... about Nightcrawler and Skaar

What if Wolverine was the farther of Nightcrawler? 
you know that Wolverine and Mystique had a whole bunch of sex back then right but what if Nightcrawler father wasn't Azazel but what if it was Wolverine. I mean they both have similars, they have a very close friendship with each other, and in fact, shared many adventures together, fighting various supervillians. The whole "his father is a demon plotline" wasn't really a great one, it show no "oh my god" in that plot that much. this should be true because Daken is sometimes a total asshole and you know it.
 Don't cha think that maybe Skaar is a hybrid Alien and Mutant? Mean like Skaar mother is Caiera an alien and his father the Hulk is human/radiation. so like  radiation and alien mixed togather is like 'mutant subspecies' and the Hulk is total human.   I know  that this doesn't make any sense but if he wasn't a mutant he shoud it have a human form. so that's my opinion and If that's true ya for the X Men.    
Posted by Omega The Supreme Being

if nightcrawler was wolverines son not much would change really i mean nightcrawler probably be more willing to kill and have a animalistic rage and based on logan's popularity kurt would have the claws.
well the hulk fucked caiera not banner so yes skaar is either a new species or a mutant

Posted by Walker696

I get what your saying about Skaar, when you look at the situation with Reed and Sue having a mutant son when both are technically human. The whole having a kid thing in marvel is hit and miss. They have their hits Cable, Scarlet Witch, Skaar, Daken, Rogue and than they have those confusing ones like Nightcrawler, Stryfe, and Lyra that may be good but are quite confusing to understand.