who do you want to see or needs to be in X-Men: First Class?

myself  for  
X Men:                                                                               
   Brotherhood of Mutants:     
Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch 

   Multiple Man     
 name show's up twice that means they switch teams okay  
 Hellfire Club   
  Mister Sinister 


the return of scarlet witch or a Chain of Memories

Allan Heinberg appeared on video to announce "Avengers: The Children's Crusade" – the follow up to "Young Avengers" by the entire original creative team including artist Jimmy Cheung. The bi-monthly, nine-issue limited series has seen six issues written already, and Heinberg promised that a cataclysmic event involving Wiccan forces him to find the Scarlet Witch and try to redeem her. He will find her, and the series will not only include the full cast of the Young Avengers as well as all the other Avengers teams from the A-Vengers to the New Avenges but members of the mutant community. The story will build on plot threads from "House of M" on through today, and the writer was excited to present new, unseen interactions between characters.           

What if and Could be..... about Nightcrawler and Skaar

What if Wolverine was the farther of Nightcrawler? 
you know that Wolverine and Mystique had a whole bunch of sex back then right but what if Nightcrawler father wasn't Azazel but what if it was Wolverine. I mean they both have similars, they have a very close friendship with each other, and in fact, shared many adventures together, fighting various supervillians. The whole "his father is a demon plotline" wasn't really a great one, it show no "oh my god" in that plot that much. this should be true because Daken is sometimes a total asshole and you know it.
 Don't cha think that maybe Skaar is a hybrid Alien and Mutant? Mean like Skaar mother is Caiera an alien and his father the Hulk is human/radiation. so like  radiation and alien mixed togather is like 'mutant subspecies' and the Hulk is total human.   I know  that this doesn't make any sense but if he wasn't a mutant he shoud it have a human form. so that's my opinion and If that's true ya for the X Men.    

Ultimate Comics Avengers check out the avengers

Okay what do we have here........ ok we have the Punisher as Captain American weird but cool at the same,  some asian chick that might be the new wasp, got rage that looks like luke cage or maybe it is luke don't know, got Falcon  looks like the same get up that he's wearing thoughout ultimate universe mean like switch costume already.. god and last but not least Mr Samuel L. Jackson him self or nick fury if you wanna get personal, Is going to lead this team. looks pretty cool, but can they bring back captain american or get there buts handed by him?             

X-Men:First Class Casting

Tim Pocock as Scott Summers       
Tahyna Tozzi as Emma Frost      
 Ashley Greene or  Haley Ramm as Jean Grey         
Sean Faris as Beast    
Katerina Graham as Storm     
and people that probaly be in there  
Thomas Dekker as Quicksilver     
Jamie Bell as Banshee    
Odette Yustman  as Scarlet Witch  
Nicholas D'Agosto as Mimic