Death penalty in comics

You know, after replaying batman arkham city, it made me realize how useless it is to arrest super criminals. You throw them in jail, they escape, you throw them back in jail. Why doesn't the jury give the criminal the death penalty and be over with it. Now I know what your thinking, how can they do it? I don't think lethal injection won't work on clayface or the electric chair won't affect Electro. But why don't they give the villain death penalty, and kill them with the enemies weakness?

I don't know what do you think?


Nightwing is the greatest

Hey dudes or dudets. I just want to say Nightwing is one of the greatest DC characters ever! I've always love Dick grayson in the comics or on TV. Dick as Nightwing has always been one of my most favorite comics to read. My main reason why I like Dick more than the rest is because he's the most grown up character. How he started as a boy wonder, then became a rebellious teen, then manned up and became more responsible, then fully matured by becoming Batman. I'm glad that the relaunch brought back Nightwing (even though I'm not crazy about the red) because that's Dicks mantle and no one elses (like how Tim has Red Robin). Anyway I'm glad DC kept Dick Grayson and made him great.

P.S: I understand the irony that I talk so much about Dick Grayson even though my profile shows more pics of Azreal (I love the armor)


I want my character to be known

I've had this character in my head since I was in third grade. At first he was a man with little to no weakness. But as I grew, so did my character. He became more vulnerable (physically and mentally). Eventually I added my character into the Marvel universe (unofficially) and tied him into story arcs from civil war to fear itself. My dream was to make this character a reality in this universe but I know that's near impossible. But I want that character to be known to people around the country. So If you want to know more about this character as well as share your own character. Let me know and I'll make a blog about this character  


Deadpool's speech boxes

In vol3 Deadpool, Deadpool has 2 speech boxes. 1 is yellow, one is white. When I think of those boxes I think not only is its Deadpool's schizophenia, but something more. The yellow box is Deadpool's personally (I think). As for white is a more intelligent voice of reason for him even though Deadpool doesn't listen to it all the time.  
My main question is: What you think Deadpool's speech boxes mean and do you find them entertaining?


X-23 is hot

For some reason I find X23 really hot and I'm no pedobear because I'm a teenager and the covers I seen made her look very attractive. Maybe it's just me


Dead heroes rising

I looked into blackest night and saw a lot of heroes resurrected. It made me wonder if what it would be like if marvel had its own Blackest night?
Also want hero do you want back to life?
I choose Jean paul valley